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One more season with Mick Mixon

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Hallelujah!  I would rather listen to nails scratching on a chalkboard than listen to Mick.  His homoerotic commentary doesn't work for sports.  Unless you're into that in which case I don't judge.

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    • Rasul Douglas played a week after we got him off waivers. Zero reason Henderson can't go. 
    • - The Dallas offensive line is a potential issue if we can make it an issue.  But you really gotta press hard to make it an issue.  The refs let them get away with stuff and the skill guys make them look better than they are (in 2021). - Zeke is that dude when he wants to be.  I hope he's sore from Monday.  And now his backup acts like he wants to be Barry Sanders sitting behind Thurman Thomas. - The WRs are a really good group and Cooper can beat the best of them if given time. - The defensive line isn't good and they've got issues there. - The refs let the secondary mug people to death and it makes up for poor defensive line play.  Even in a secondary that gets to cheat, Diggs is legit.  The way he gambles I wonder if trying to isolate him on Robby for a double move makes sense.  He's good but he can't run with Robby.  He's better in short area quickness than overall straight line speed. - The linebackers are allowed to head hunt and Jaylon Smith is the worst about doing it.  He will do things that would get other players ejected immediately and not even get flagged for it.  The refs should come away from some Cowboys games embarassed they even officiated it.  That also emboldens him and makes him head hunt even more.  Its like he's playing with his own rulebook.  Parsons seems to be what he was supposed to be...a problem.  They've got some other dude out there...maybe Hitchens?  That's the guy to attack.
    • We could have drafted a Russ Wilson with that 3rd rounder!!
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