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Moore players Moore problems

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11 minutes ago, Trainwreck said:

That David Moore is someone whom no one is talking about. Fans are already giving Marshall the #3 wr job for no reason. Moore will have something to say. 

You're not wrong.

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13 minutes ago, L-TownCat said:

It'll be confusing for everyone until one of them does something of note or we revert to using jersey numbers.

WR = David Moore

OL = David Moore Jr

And DJ Moore...well, you know him.

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6 hours ago, Trainwreck said:

That David Moore is someone whom no one is talking about. Fans are already giving Marshall the #3 wr job for no reason. Moore will have something to say. 

Because fans only think in terms if 1,2,3 which are fantasy concepts. #3 is not a job or  position. Receivers are denoted by x,z, slot, y, etc.

Moore was known as a slot receiver and while Marshall can do a bit of everything he is a prototypical X.

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    • I have to agree. To be fair, I don't feel like the bar was very high here. His first year I thought I would be able to just watch the games with zero expectations. I was almost upset I didn't get a year of low expectations,  because missing the playoffs wouldn't hurt so much. We outplayed my expectations by a mile last year. Losing 8 or 9 games by a score or less showed we were competitive in almost every single game we played. It felt like we belonged inside the top 20 of the league. Which we had no business even sniffing judging by the personnel we had. The defense has grown at a ridiculous rate. I honestly believe the offense isn't far behind. It may not be until next year before it really takes off, because we need to strengthen the o-line. All I know, is Rhule and Co. saw the issues we had.....and made some valid attempts to fix them. (o-line is questionable considering options we could have gone after in draft) But all in all, it was refreshing to see our weaknesses being addressed.  
    • This is an extremely premature thread. Two games against the worst team in the league and a saints team who didn’t have half a dozen top shelf players playing as well as a bunch of offensive coaches out with covid. Real tests for me in the first half of the season are the Vikings, Eagles and Dallas. Vikings are much, much better than their record indicates and the Eagles and Dallas have explosive offenses. We come out of the first 8 games with a 7-1 or 6-2 record I’ll feel more confident going forward. The real tests on this schedule are the Bucs, Cardinals and Bills. Those are the elite teams we face this year. I wanna see how we play against them before I eat crow on anything. Darnold is playing steady, solid football and that’s great. Before the season I predicted this would be his best statistical season but that the real tests would be how he performs in big moments. Remember we’re trying to see if he’s a franchise qb going forward. If we want to give him that bigger contract he needs to prove he’s a guy you can trust to make plays in big moments, in big games. 
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