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< 3.5% of the total cap…combined. Maximizing Reddick/Burns in 2021.

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12 hours ago, iamhubby1 said:


Do you have a Cap notification on your phone? Every thread that even mentions Cap, and they you are. 


Do you do this for every team? Or are we the only one who gets to revel in your brilliance?


 I just can't believe you aren't working for an actual NFL team. Not here with us mere mortals. Surely there must be something better you could be doing with all that knowledge? Maybe teaching? 

Nobody like this Toomers brat and he's not terribly smart. Best thing is to ignore it.

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9 hours ago, Snake said:

Honestly there probably isn't a better Rush Duo in the nfl. Both are probably going to get paid next year.

I concur.  The entire DL has quite the potential.  YGM, Derrick Brown, Daquan Jones, Morgan Fox, Roy Marquis Haynes, Nixon.  I mean, take away Burns and Reddick and we have would still have an average-ish line.  

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Thanks, @ellisfor a valuable post.  You are not only right in your qualification of speaking about THIS year's cap cost, but , for me, you gain bonus points for your gracious and patient reactions to the repeated nit-pickings of an insufferable troll.

Your thread, instead of starting a discussion of what great value we have from our edge rushers, immediately got derailed by an individual whose only goals are to see his name in print, and to convince himself (by repetition alone) that he's right.

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