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So I just met Cameron Erving... What a fella!!!!

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The feel good story will be Cam has a solid and productive year and earns the starting job this year and maybe the next several. What I mean by solid is not pro bowl but holds his own, limits the penalties and stays healthy. 

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1 hour ago, TheBigKat said:

We recently moved into a fairly popular uptown condo building in Charlotte (tons of Hornets, Panthers players here) and as my boys were swimming Cameron Erving came by with his kid and nephew.


I must say, very impressed with Cameron as a person, he was talking pointers with the kids, wants to watch one of my son's football games and even put his number on my cell for us to keep in touch as we both live in the building.

Wished him a healthy season first and good season second and thanked him for being AWESOME around the kids.


As a side note I ran into T. Marshall recently, that young man is Michael Irvin Jr waiting to happen!



Sounds great. I am not sure though if he likes his kids being posted online. I didn't check his social media, but this is sensitive information not everybody likes being public. Just sayin.. ✌️

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8 minutes ago, Jared Patterson said:

I just met Jaycee Horn in his AMG G Wagon this morning at breakfast in Southend.... The dude looks like an edge defender he's MASSIVE, but looks fast. I tell you one thing, he sure looks the part.

I have seen him too

That dude looks like the Predator

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I was a BIG FAN of Erving's when he declared for the draft and was heartbroken when he didn't pan out initially (even more so when tEddy thrEw dEEp 😞 )

Hoping that he catches on in Carolina as at least the swingman that can play any position on the line

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