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Free agent signing TE Dan Arnold has a 116.9 passer rating when targeted for his career


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2 hours ago, hepcat said:

If he can help the anemic red zone offense and win some jump balls in the end zone I'll be thrilled they signed him.

I think that is exactly what they were thinking when they signed him.

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Posted (edited)
17 minutes ago, shaqattaq said:

OK, PFF is no longer a bunch of mind numbing dambasses...

until the next thing they say.

The Panthers have taken on PFF full force this year.  We selected one of the worst PFF ranked QBs (28) with 2 of the worst PFF ranked  lineman Elflein (147/151), and Erving (151/151). 

We did draft the a OT with the highest PFF score, but he wasn't ranked the highest on PFF's draft board, because PFF doesn't trust PFF scores.

Our coaches feel they can coach up, scheme around and  focus on how well a player fits over pff rated performance.  I don't think these players are as bad as PFF say they are.  


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    • Toxicity that is the huddle fat shaming a lady….   but I approve 
    • Here's the overview of opponents' performance in converting 3rd & 4th downs.  (Note: The "made" attempts at right include any attempts where 1st downs were granted because of CAR penalties.  The "failed" numbers at the right include several 3rd / 4th attempts nullified by opponents' penalties. So the numbers on the right don't match the official game book stats where the penalties are ruled no play.)   And here is the running total for Weeks 1 & 2: Some observations: 1) Panthers are doing a great job in keeping defenses of 3rd/4th and long.  Basically 60% of all conversion attempts are in the 3rd & long category (I'll have exact yard averages per game later... the Saints had a number of WAY long attempts well beyond 3rd & long).  By contrast, only 40% of Panthers 3rd down attempts so far have been 3rd & long.  So well done! 2) I love that we're not just stopping 3rd & longs, but also stuffing opponents in 2/3 of all their short yardage attempts.  (By contrast Panthers are making close to 50% of their short 3rd down attempts).  And allowing 0 conversions on middle distance attempts.  So very nice! 3) We may worry about Panthers' Defense having let up in the 2nd half of games (especially versus the Jets), but it hasn't shown up in the 3rd down conversion stats.  Panthers are equally successful in stopping conversions in both halves, for the most part.
    • This here is the truth.  When we win consistently, playoff contender yearly, the media will rank us higher consistently and have more respect.
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