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Rhule was trying to "hold" the lead today ?


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3 hours ago, Cdparr7 said:

PJ must have started making accounts on here.

He went 6/10 with two drops.

Walker went 10/21 with 2s on the O-Line and Marshall, Moore, and Tremble.

His touchdown was literally on accident. 

Calm down on the Will Grier hate, PJ,


dj moore was not out there.


and "accident or not" the play was made.



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2 hours ago, CPsinceDay1 said:

I'm not hating on Will, I just dislike the way people try to discredit PJ by trying to somehow say Will pulled the wrong straw....

What translates in practice carries over to the game, the proof is in the pudding.

Basically Darnold shouldn't have ne more problems with the 1s then PJ had with the 2s...

Here's the main difference....Will : I just ran what was called...

PJ: I dunno I was just having fun, I heard something on the headset, coach was yelling on the sidelines but I just KNEW I had to make a play, by getting it to my playmakers...


and there it is. PJ Walker is ready to start, im basing this on his play and the way he carries himself. just look at the press conference, out of all 3 PJ Walker sounds and looks ready. 

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1 hour ago, SBBlue said:

They both were taking snaps from Tecklenberg except PJ was facing 2s.   You'll have to come up with a different excuse.

At least you admit Grier is garbage.  I'm tired of watching him play.  Its painful to watch.  PJ isn't great, but he very clearly is far superior to Grier.

Frankly, my dear, Grier-family-member, I don't give a damn what we've invested him.  We need to cut our losses.

Obviously.  If he shows next week, I hope we still cut him, because he's never looked good.  But I'm not worried.  Grier has been pretty consistently terrible.

Here's a fun food for thought hypothetical:

Who is worse?  Clausen or Grier?


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9 hours ago, Proudiddy said:

Ehhh, I don't like that at all.  If that was their exact wording...  I dont take preseason outcomes too serious nowadays, as most coaches use it more for situational reps and practice to see how their team performs in any given scenario and winning or losing is fairly inconsequential (see Belichick)... but if Rhule was legit playing to win and "hold" the lead for the desired outcome instead of just using the situation as a metric, that doesn't sit well with me.

That's a pathetic approach to a pre-season game.  These games should be used to not only work the players but the coordinators.  They should be working on their craft as well.   Who gives a rats ass if we win or lose the game.  

I know Grier didn't look too good but he didn't nearly have the same talent on the field as PJ did.  I would like to see him get the 1st half reps next week against the Ravens.  Even if he is abysmal.  I think with the same offense that PJ had, Grier would have had more completions than 10-21.

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6 hours ago, Jon Snow said:

Also, if you haven't noticed our run game is ass.  I think they want to practice it a bit more.  Unfortunately Brady decided to dial up all the pass plays in the first half.  I think you see why now.

I agree.  Our run blocking is atrocious.  It was last year.  The wide zone experiment did NOT look good.  That said, we had more yards running in the first than second half.  The RB has to be able to explode and cut off the block and I saw a couple of times where the cut was there, but Brown missed it or hesitated.

If we fix this, we will be good.  Everyone is worried about the offensive line in pass pro and Darnold.  I'm not.  I'm worried about establishing a run game and getting CMC just the little bit of room he needs.  Our YBC was trash last year.  


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3 hours ago, SBBlue said:

I call em as I see them. 

I've watched  Darnold play and I'm pretty confident he's going to play better than PJ.


...? Did you want to make a small wager on that???

I mean, if I wasn't clear the first time I asked

A friendly one, if u don't got the $...times r hard for everyone...say loser can't post until regular season starts/ or new avatar until season starts...I stand behind my words

I mean Darnold throws one pick it's kinda over for you...so think about it 🤔

Edited by CPsinceDay1
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Clausen was worse.  Grier looked OK.  He had at least one good throw that got fumbled away and the Oline put him in a 3rd and long on the wrong side of the field.  Hell, he was playing behind our 3rd string Oline.  Almost everyone here complains about protection from the starters.  

I thought PJ played well except for the almost interception in the end zone.  He has the athletic ability, but he's mainly a scramble and chunk guy.  I don't see him being able to lead a team consistently yet.  


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14 hours ago, Baskinridge said:

Needs to let a star QB that gave him all his success get illegally head hunted and hurt while accepting a COTY award and commenting “I would have taken a shot too” before he earns that category.

But also yes

I'm so sick of this comment. 

Cam pulled up at the goalline and didn't go in hard or protect himself. 

That's on him. It's the defender's job to knock the schit out of him.

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17 minutes ago, rmoneyg35 said:

To be fair holding the lead makes sense. You are basically training the players for the regular season so you want them to get experience with holding the lead.

Will Grier is a really bad QB to date.  

He needs reps on basics.  Not holding a lead.  Will Grier could never lead this team to a lead to hold at this stage. 

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14 hours ago, kungfoodude said:

This concerns me more than the "holding the lead" nonsense.

Because in the finite amount of practice time where we are trying to evaluate who should make the roster, it is crazy they didnt spend time working on the silent count for the 1st preseason game. Absolutely crazy that wasnt one of the first things we put in for the 1st preseason game. Everyone know preseason games are historically loud and a silent count is an absolute must.

Edited by panthers320
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