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Matt Rhule says the Panthers offense is about to have a "vastly different look," redefined with more of an emphasis on the run game.


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7 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:


Matt Rhule says, "Alright  Damn it. We accept it. We fuged up at QB. Again."

Or it might just be common sense when you’ve been running the ball well and it’s working to run it more often. Control the time of possession and your defense won’t be so gassed at the end.

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16 minutes ago, TheCasillas said:

You are correct. Cowboys showed that man coverage plus base four rush beats us. No need to bring the house and give the qbs easy throws if the dline is able to do it on their own. 

For some reason, joe Brady wasn’t calling counter plays to this, like rub routes, double routes, pocket moving throws or seam routes up the middle. 

I believe Rhule noticed this yesterday and is exhausted of some The play calls that Brady is calling. Yesterday, I counted about 5-6 recycled plays from our previous games… very disappointed in lack of creativity and originality in our playbook.

Ever since that Cowboys game, teams has been playing man against us. I'm not a football coach or anything but if I can notice this sitting on my couch without even looking at film on a daily basis then how come Joe Brady can't? I'm a believer in Rhule but Joe Brady may need to go and be a Head Coach at LSU or USC somewhere because what he is doing ain't it.

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7 minutes ago, Jackie Lee said:

Why did they abandon the run on the last drive of the second quarter? Almost in field goal range to take the lead and we get 3 pass plays, a timeout and a delay of game. That's 100% on coaching. 

Who is saying it isn’t the coaching? Are you agreeing with me? Is this a rhetorical question?

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1 minute ago, CRA said:

I mean to just line up and run it at folks….requires an OL capable of such.  

I mean if you straight up tell the Giants you are going to go run heavy with a weak OL….I would imagine they can implode that gameplan. 

I don’t think we’ve gameplanned for weeks.

I sincerely get the feeling that a couple weeks ago, Matt Rhule realized “I have no idea what I’m doing, I just hope I can hide it a few more years” and he’s praying for a few more broken plays by the other team every week 

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