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Panther workouts (Reggie Bonnafon)


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1 hour ago, BlackPanther21_ said:

I think they ARE actively looking, teams just aren't willing to bite. You don't see many good lineman traded in today's NFL no matter how bad their team is. They want REAL upgrades, not just some randos off the scrap heap to compete with other bums. 

Real upgrades....you've seen what I've seen the past few weeks. The outcome plants us directly in the bottom 5 in run and pass blocking.

My mind just refuses to compute that Daley and/or Miller are better options than Osemele, DeCastro, Fluker, Dahl, Easton, Sweezy or Forrest Lamp. Miller is tricky though, he can play average sometimes but also revert to garbage. 

And Erving is not an upgrade over Rick Wagner or Schwartz. Hell Okung can't stay healthy but I'm not so sure Erving is any different. We'll see. We could have brought in Dotson...he's old but so was Whitworth. 

I don't even want to mention Paradis. There is a viable option available for his position also. And an upgrade at that. Sadly we just might have the worst starting center in the league. The last two games esp. 

I'm just saying, what exactly is the problem with kicking the tires on a couple of these guys?. If any of those names listed above are healthy, it's a no brainer to me. Maybe I'm missing something or they see a bigger picture here.

And yea we've tried trading but it's obviously not going to happen or the price is too steep. So if that is indeed the case then the front office should be actively investigating any and every possible upgrade IMO. Like I said earlier, I just don't believe we are fielding the top 5 avialable lineman in football. 

I could be wrong but should be right. 

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2 hours ago, therealmjl said:


They signed him to the PS. It was announced earlier today.

He's averaged 6 yards a carry whenever they reluctantly gave him touches, so confusing. Also Kenny Robinson can't get a snap at safety even though he balled out in preseason and scored one of our few touchdowns last week on special teams . They had Chandler play all 84 safety snaps and gave Robinson zero. I think I hate Matt Rhule, he has no reason waiting for guys to get in his good graces for his "culture" or whatever anymore. If you win you automatically build your culture

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    • I thought so too, but it depends on what source you read. One (Rapoport, I think) said the Giants were really high on Flores as a candidate. Another (Breer, I believe) said they expected Daboll to be the guy. Someone else suggested Quinn was the top choice. A couple of different sources have said there'll be a "wide net" cast so at this point, who knows?
    • Actually, we were up 38-7 and its still amazing we didnt lose that game. They did it tie it up 38-38 by the fourth but Gano hit an almost 50 yard FG for that win.  We probably should have lost, Odell drops would b touchdown over Norman.. Eli underthrows Odell on a would be TD, CAP fumbling in giants territory. The dropped pick 6 by the giants.  Mcadoo as a coordinator that game was impressive. Take Beckham out the picture and it gets horrific though. He had way too much speed for Norman or Peanut to cover. Very impressive comeback but if you inserted him (McAdoo) in our offense this past season ...our results wouldnt have varied much.  Giants just happened to have Ben McAdoo, a pretty good Oline, a "game changing" WR, and a Manning at QB.  We currently have 1 of those 4. Would have loved to hear his pitch to Rhule & Fit though... esp considering I've heard he wasnt a fan of Sam. That might just be speculation 
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