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Joe Brady’s Future


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20 minutes ago, GoobyPls said:

What plays do you want him to call? And when the plays are there the QB is missing the throw, the o-line is not giving enough time for the play to develop and the personal in general is terrible.


How many times last season and this season did Teddy and Darnold miss wide open guys, what is Brady supposed to do?


 Rhule wants this physical run heavy team, why hire Brady in the first place? Brady whole MO is pass first

Oh I don't know, so much of the playbook went out the window when or biggest catching TE left in a trade. I would love to see some more 21 personnel, hell even some pass plays out of 13 personnel. We need more than just 11 personnel. Give the appearance of a short play on a 2 and 4, and run some play action pass. The o-line protection calls are a huge issue and none of our WR's can beat the CB off the line. So I guess we will continue to see green dogs and jam until we beat it.

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Honestly, I hope he gets back on with a college team and has great success. The guy's biggest fault was that he just wasn't ready. He caught lightning in a bottle once and then found out that it's hard to do twice. The rest is going to require hard work and a lot of lessons learned. 

We'll see him again in the NFL. He'll be better the next time if he gets some more experience under his belt.

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13 minutes ago, hepcat said:

If Brady goes to a top college he will need to bring an experienced DC along with him probably with head coaching experience. 

The teams that have supposedly contacted him could be lower level teams within the power 5 conferences. And that's assuming that this rumor has merit to it.

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