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Matt Corrall taking mental reps


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4 minutes ago, dynomite said:

Do you think most players in the NFL dont do this?

I don’t think Cam ever did this. For how good he was, he could have been even better if he worked on this kind of stuff

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Just now, dynomite said:

Do you think most players in the NFL dont do this?

You’d be surprised. I mean they are writing “watching film” into contracts. Willie Colon was saying there are 3 types of players. Ones that are above average athletically, but just their ass everyday trying to get an advantage. Ones that have peak athletic ability AND do the work. The third are a group that think their God given talent will take care of them and they don’t need to do much outside of mandatory meetings/practice. 

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4 minutes ago, rippadonn said:

Bryan Cranston Reaction GIF

Give him the damn ball already. You're putting a lion in bubble wrap in favor of the rich, fat and happy. 

Baker isn't going to win more than 7 games with this schedule. Let HIM back up the Young Lion!

I don’t think we need to rush it, but I do hope he will be the backup this year and not a third string QB.  I think if Baker starts, Darnold will be traded (if possible) or cut

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Corral is officially being WASTED here in Carolina.

It's all backwards, as far as talent,accuracy, velocity, touch, athleticism, escapability, HEART, as a Panthers draft pick he's only second to Cam in those respects, dual threat but an accurate dual threat...

Russell Crowe Gladiator GIF

Damn, what does a Young Lion have to do to bust through the bureaucracy around here? 

Baker vs Young Lion right now!

Place your bets.




I think Baker would get rag dolled. Your boy is HUNGRY.

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5 minutes ago, Brooklyn 3.0 said:

IB 200 rippadonn posts in this thread.

You know it bro. I'm on the bandwagon. We're not going to stop until Simba is in his rightful place.

Mac played, Zach played, Justin played, none of them got "hurt". In April Corral was widely considered to be a mid to late first rounder. 

He dropped but damn, doesn't he talk, act, behave and throw like a first rounder?

Yes. In a fair competition he would thrash these guys. It's not. Rhule World.

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