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OL projections


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Last year we kept 9 OL on the 53 man roster.

right now 

If we’re keeping 9 like last year
1. Moton
2. Ickey
3. Christensen 
4. Corbett 
5. Bozeman
6. Elfein (he’ll make it)

That leaves 3 spots with
Michael Jordan, Cam Erving, Dennis Daley, Cade Mays, Deonte Brown.


- Michael Jordan has been playing with the 1s and 2s in camp

- Deonte Brown, despite looking good in camp last year, looking good in preseason, and flashed when he played at the end of the year last season.  He has played with the 4’s in camp

-Mays is a rookie.  Not sure if they cut him.

- Daley is on the last year of his contract and not a young development guy.  But has starting experience.


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Steve Smith was singing Mays’ praise during the back to football event… if I had to guess…

LT - Ekwonu, (Christensen backs up Ekwonu)

LG - Christensen, FA or Brown/Daley

C - Bozeman, Elflein

RG - Corbett, Jordan

RT - Moton, Mays

Cut - Erving, Miller, Pleasants, Tecklenburg, Horton

Wouldn’t be totally shocked for a veteran guard to be added after cuts.

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In my view:


  • Ickey (LT--giving up on the idea that he could play LG)
  • Moton (RT)
  • Christensen (LG; swing T)
  • Corbett (starting RG)
  • Bozeman (C with the ability to play G)
  • Elflein (decent at C, not good at G)
  • Erving (veteran depth at all 5 spots--could be a cap casualty if we attempt to sign a player however)
  • Mays (raw upside and versatile)
  • Jordan (depth at G)

Deonte gets cut and MAYBE put on PS.  If they liked his development, I doubt the sign Bozeman or draft Mays.

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