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Reich New Head Coach

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2 hours ago, GuessWhosBack said:

And where's our proven QB on the roster...

oh he'll draft Levis (Darnold 2.0)....and watch that stink...or sign a FA(Daniel Jones) and yeah u see where this is heading...

Clearly Tepper hates the Keep Pounding motto so why not change the whole damn team name to who we really are...

Now introducing your 2023 Carolina Mediocrities... 

So here is the thing, the whole mediocre thing has been played to death. If you want us to be glad your back then give it a rest. We haven't even started the offseason and free agency is months away. At least wait until the draft and the end of free agency before you start throwing shade. Fitterer will be swinging for the fence again this year.  Let's hope he makes solid contact this time.

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14 minutes ago, ForJimmy said:

I mean aside from this last season where his OL was in shambles with an old statue QB behind it, he had the Colts playing very well considering the whole Luck situation. That can set back franchises for years in most cases.

I’m also high on Stroud.

One thing I am absolutely sure of is that Frank Reich knows he has to get his QB.  He would still be with the Colts if he solved that problem after Luck suddenly retired.  The entire Panthers brass has to know we have to solve this problem at any cost.  If you are willing to mortgage the entire future for Deshaun Watson you really have to spend whatever and go get your guy.  Go to #1.  I personally like Young but if you are concerned at all with size just go get Stroud.  

If we just absolutely can’t move up then fine…move back build the team and prepare for the 2024 draft with the same intent.  We are moving up to #1 if at all possible in one of these drafts.  That’s my plan.

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My original hope was Wilks as head coach and Reich as offensive coordinator. Obviously it came down to one or the other. Wilks deserved the job and was one broken wrist away from the playoffs and ending the search right there. But it is Reich so I am fine with that given he checks all the boxes. Best of all he has head coach experience. I look forward to see who he picks for his staff.

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4 minutes ago, PootieNunu said:

Thats the oldest excuse in the book. 


No excuses.  


1 minute ago, Basbear said:

You knew when Matt "fing" Rhule said steve wilks- "Hes a leader of men" ....it was the kiss of death. 

Maybe wilks lawyers should sue rhule! 

Nothing to see here folks. At least I think both Rhule and Wilks will still be coaching in 3 year in some capacity

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