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Adam Schefter: Bryce Young is believed to be favorite for #1 for the Panthers right now

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5 minutes ago, rodeo said:

i don't understand why the team would have reason for smokescreens or lying about their interest. it's the first pick. nobody is gonna steal whoever we want.

Houston loves Bryce Young and its not a secret, if Houston wants Bryce and we are good with Stroud you make it seem like we want Young and you kindly ask to send us #2 and #12 over if you want him that much Houston.

Very least #2 and #33

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2 hours ago, MHS831 said:

Yep.  Lotta people will get mad because the Panthers did not pick their guy, but I trust this staff and think there are 2 top QBs in this draft.  I will embrace either, even though I have my preference.

I wont be mad about Young...i will be CONCERNED tho while he is here a lot more than i would be for stroud. Thats how i look at it.

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10 minutes ago, mrcompletely11 said:

I’ll bet you a 4 month ban that young is not the pick 

LOL…I don’t have 10 alts and I am not picking.  No bets here, don’t believe in gambling, not my nature 

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2 hours ago, TheMostInterestingMan said:

Nobody knows. Rumor is that we aren’t even entirely sure just yet, though that’s hard for me to imagine. But nobody outside of our organization has a clue right now.

With none of their pro days or visits having happened, I suspect that's the real truth.

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1 hour ago, SZ James (banned) said:

I don't think we're gonna fool anyone with this

Agreed. I dont understand the secrecy at all besides trade reasons. If the league is pushing this for ratings they can kick rocks...you can get the playbook to the qb you want early to get them up the speed for the season. If they are serious about being a playoff team this year i dont see why they don't. 

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