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Panthers taking Patriots game seriously

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I wish our starters didn't play most of the game. Preseason should be for the guys fighting for a spot. I'm praying to all the Gods and Goddess and Mother Russia for no injuries. 

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The Saints starters beat the Pats starters 15-0 last week. We'll see what we have.

That meant nothing. Vanilla packages and schemes were most likely abound. Most teams actually plan for the third preseason game. Historically games one, two and four are primarily used for evaluation purposes. The third game is where they actually game-plan and scheme for a specific opponent with our starters in mind.

What Jeremy is telling you is that you'll be watching as close to the real thing into the third quarter. Scrutinize things from that perspective. 

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I understand Jonathan Jones' point of not putting much stock into preseason, but I feel like this game is different. We're playing the reigning Superbowl champs. The team that took away our Superbowl. The team that embarrassed us last year.

It's the third preseason game, and it's time for the Panthers to prove to the nation that we aren't a joke or a fluke and deserved to be in the playoffs last year. 

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Does it count as "realistic" if one team game plans to get an advantage and the other team doesn't? Shouldn't we be aiming to win on a level footing?

that's not what happened last year. last year the pats game planned and played hard while we acted like it was any other preseason game. we went in to evaluate our players. they went in to get revenge for beating them the year before. we were quite simply sucker punched. considering it was the pats, we shouldn't have been surprised. any one watching the game could tell it meant more to the pats going into the game than us and we were absolutely not on a  level footing in regards to planning, motivation, and performance. this year it appears we will be closer to level footing by treating this as a real game/grudge match. if anyone gets sucker punched this year, i would rather it be them. the pats have it coming.

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I've always considered the third preseason game to be the only that mattered.

First, it is the closest to a real game regarding the game planning and effort put forth by the first team, not to mention the first team playing most of the game. 

Second, it is the last chance our first team has to develop momentum and confidence before the season starts. Winning and success is an attitude that only comes from experiencing it.

If our offense has three straight games with a slow start, then you can count on that carrying over into the season. There won't be any momentum built up for any of the offensive starters, and we've all seen the difference in our team when confident with momentum versus on their heels and struggling. 

This game is our first team's final chance to set the tone for the remainder of the season, and I believe that they will come out with the fire of a regular season game. I wouldn't be surprised to see Cam scramble a little either, to the worry of all others. Hears to a good game and a Panthers' victory!

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