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Finding someone who wants to stay

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3 minutes ago, chknwing said:

Phil snow is DC. And joe brady hasnt taken another job. Not sure what this is.

He's probably pretty pissed that Brady is interviewing for HC jobs (not sure why) and the QB coach is interviewing for the LSU OC job.

I guess he'd like a little bit of stability in his coaching staff - especially coming off a 5-11 record. 

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Weird take, especially since Brady hasn't actually been offered or taken a job yet and since flavor-of-the-month coordinators being poached for HC gigs has been commonplace in the NFL for decades now. How is this any different than the 'real world' where people look to grow their skills and take on new challenges all the time? I've heard recruiters bitching about people not hanging around in their roles for years but... why should they feel obligated to do so? 

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12 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

They're few and far between. Most of the guys with the ability to be great coordinators also have the ambition to want to be head coaches. Just the way it is.

Extremely hard to find. Occasionally you see a guy like Jim Johnson but they're pretty rare.

About the only real pool for guys like that is older former head coaches, guys like Dan Henning, Wade Phillips or Norv Turner.

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IF Brady leaves, I'm not going to cry about it. I think his play calling was certainly better than Shula's (et al.), but that's a pretty low bar IMO. Brady tinkered out more than I liked when down in the red zone. There are certainly some young NFL minds that can do as well as he did this past season. I'm not sure he's HC material based upon his play calling, but, I'm not going to fault a guy in any way for setting their sights higher. In some respects, it's the natural progression of things!

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I get what you're saying though. I just think it's hard to identify a person that is content being a coordinator for the rest of their lives. I think that they exist, but most aren't going to tell you that during an interview. And, it may be kind of awkward asking someone that in an interview, and even more accepting that as an answer because I could see you or them feeling some type of way about someone admitting it, however unconsciously!

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Taking a HC job is a zero risk opportunity. If you don’t cut it, you get a big paycheck for a few years and go back to being a coordinator. 

Who wouldn’t take that chance?

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