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ProFootballTalk-“Matt Rhule: “very urgent” to have a QB who makes plays in crucial situations”

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Bringing in Bridgewater was such an idiotic move. Rhule listed off what he wants in a QB and Teddy is none of those things. You could of watch his film and noticed that. He is an average backup QB with a poor arm.  Teddy went 0-8 last season with a chance to tie or win the game in the last drive. I’m glad they’re not just sticking with him cause he’s “our guy”.

Teddy played respectably well in a few games earlier in the season, but not being able to finish games strong on offense KILLED us this past season. He was also anti-clutch later in the year. We went on an 8 game losing streak in the last half of the season, 7 of which were decided by one score or less. Multiple times on possible game winning drives, the two minute offense chewed too much clock with useless check downs over the middle or inbounds, getting sacked and letting the clock run instead of throwing the ball away, and throwing in front of the sticks on crucial downs. Most of our game winning drives either stalled out and turned the ball over on downs before getting into the red zone due to piss poor clock management and situational awareness, or leaving Joey Slye to try a from-the-parking-lot field goal for a desperation attempt at a tie. It was infuriating to watch, and I'm not even a player or coach whose career depends on it.

Don't forget missing a wide open DJ Moore in the end zone for a game winner that also got DJ hurt, red zone picks galore, and ending the season on about as cold of a note as possible. He had ONE touchdown pass in the entire MONTH of December, and it was against our old pal Ron Rivera when we were gifted our only win in the latter part of the season because Dwayne Trashkins is terrible. If the script had flipped on that horrible losing skid in the last half of the season, we could have been a .500 rebuild team or possibly even in the playoff conversation if our offense had been clutch and gotten the final say in most of those one-score games. 

I don't blame Rhule for being a little more vocal with putting Teddy on notice and letting him know competition for the starting role is coming sooner rather than later. Being a likeable guy can only get you so far. You have to earn your pay when your number gets called in crucial game situations, and that just wasn't there this season from #5. I would not be surprised at all if the team takes a QB in the draft if someone they like is reachable.I've been heralding Mac  jones since the Auburn game last year. Specifically mentioned, his ability to maneuver in the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield. Going along with that, he has shown the ability to throw an accurate ball from multiple lower body platforms, and ball release points, while avoiding would be defenders. He also rarely gets rattled, last year when he threw 2 pick sixes against AU, and instantly shrugged both off. Definitely not comparing Mac Jones to either of these two, but wouldn’t you say that guys like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are exceptions? Obviously neither is very mobile, though they make up for it with elite pocket movement. And Brady definitely has a strong arm but it’s nothing too special; I think most would agree that Peyton’s was average at best throughout his career. I believe good pocket presence can compensate for a lack of escapability just as great anticipation can make up for a lack of velocity on the ball.Keep in mind Matt Rhule plays chess, not checkers Rhule and Jones looked like they were really getting along on camera and joking around with each other. Mac was also the best QB at the Senior Bowl by a mile even if some of the other guys have higher upside.

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6 minutes ago, BurnNChinn said:

Can we please stop with the Mac Jones threads getting old.


Just because you don’t like a player doesn’t mean we have to stop all posts on them . I hate Mac jones too and love Watson but to be fair there is just as many Watson threads as Mac jones 

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At the end of the day I want Lance.  I don’t care if we trade back, trade up,  whatever, give me Trey Lance and I’ll be a happy guy.  He’ll be the best QB outside of Lawrence in this draft.  I do not want Mac Jones.  He might end up being an okay QB, but his physical limitations really suck.  I want a fuging playmaker.  

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Too many of you are spoiled on the super mobile QB that takes off and scrambles.  I'm not saying it wouldn't be nice to have one but pocket awareness is as important as being able to scramble. 

I don't think we need a QB that will have set running plays to alter a defensive game plan.  We have multiple weapons to make a defense worry.   We need a QB that is calm under pressure and can make plays with his arm. 

I like Wilson out of all the QBs that might be available to us but also think the Jones will be apart of the discussion when our turn comes to pick.  Whether we trade down to get him or take him outright at #8.

If we don't draft him and he ends up being a star (which I believe he will) this forum will have a meltdown and most of the whiners will be the ones that said HELL NO to Jones. 

I have my opinions and hopes for a QB.  I am going to let the guys that get paid to do this make the decision and hopefully it is the right one.   Watson, Wilson, Lance or even Jones.

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