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What is your breaking point with the Deshaun dream?

When will you give up?  

79 members have voted

  1. 1. polls on this site are terrible

    • I never believed
    • I believed at one point but gave up already
    • Early March
    • Late March
    • Early April
    • Right at the draft
    • I think Panthers/Texans can work something out after the draft (lol wtf)

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Once he gets traded somewhere else or the unlikely scenario that he stays with the Texans. 

I think we can be in the running but this situation is so insanely wild I am just sort of enjoying the ride. 

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If it's not done by the week of the draft, it ain't happening.

If the deal involves Burns or Chinn, it (hopefully) ain't happening. 


I wouldn't expect anything to happen until AT LEAST early April if Houston plans on taking a QB this year in the draft. They'll scout/vet the prospects, talk, talk some more, decide.  Expecting a Watson trade now, or in March, or even very early April isn't realistic. 

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38 minutes ago, Daddy_Uncle said:

Never cared enough to develop a breaking point

Same, I just hope they don’t trade away a half decade worth of first round picks for a player that might not even be relevant by the time the team has a first round pick again. Deshaun has already torn an ACL and we saw how fast injuries can end a promising young QBs career.

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If we acquire a different quarterback or he's traded somewhere else, that'll be the end of the story. Until then, anything's possible.

That said, I don't know that he's going to get traded at all. Based on what I've read, doesn't seem likely. And if the Texans do change their mind, we're not in a good position to make the best offer.

Also, yeah the possibility of the Texans hanging on to him through a holdout does exist. As unlikely as it may sound, it is possible that they manage to reconcile with him on some level, or at least get him to agree to play even if he's not particularly happy..

I feel the likelihood of that last scenario is pretty small though.

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