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Panthers will "pay any price" for Watson (via Sportsnaut via PFN)

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Just now, ladypanther said:

Don't like this.

I'm just going to assume that there's some hyperbole going on. There are always limitations! I do think that we may be willing to dig deeper in the pocket so to speak than people may think. I don't think Tepper is going to bankrupt our chance at success for the next half a decade to land Watson. But, he is a thinking gambler (if you will)!

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Just now, Mr. Scot said:

I kinda feel like this is just somebody rehashing stuff we've already heard in their own words.

Have the Pauline reports been out prior? He always has the inside track on the NFCE and definitely has a solid pipeline of insiders. 

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Been saying it, but Tepper will not be outbid IMO.  Doesn't mean Watson is coming here, but for all the "we don't have the same capital" talk when it comes to the Jets and Dolphins...I don't think it matters.  Tepper's hard-on is real, and if Deshaun becomes available no team is offering more than us.  If Burns is the make or break piece for instance, I think Tepper will say meh, he's due a contract in a couple years anyway, bye. 

Which yes, is scary.  But we have an owner who wants to drop his balls on the table in a franchise statement move, a GM coming from a team who traded 2 first rounders for a safety and isn't afraid to wheel and deal, and a coach who's known for coaching up lesser guys.  It's a perfect storm where the thought process is probably hey, get a QB and we'll figure the rest out later. 

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1 minute ago, top dawg said:

I'm not really worried. Tepper did not get where he is by making dumb deals.

An NFL team isn't a hedge fund. You can't cook the market here to win, despite what New England has done. 

We hope he brings success on the field. 

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