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If we trade for squatson, do we go wr as early as possible?

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No samuel and anderson being sent in the trade leaves a "stud" qb with no options. WHERE HAVE I SEEN THIS BEFORE!?

Why you don't trade. But since its inevitable, we need a wr. Not sure where cap space will set and who can be signed but you gotta pair him with an elite wr and no DJ isnt elite

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Samuel could be back on a one year deal to bank on himself and his growth in Brady's offense in order to make more money with a higher salary cap in 2022, I'm not sure why ppl think he's getting paid like Sammy Watkins a few years ago

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If he does that Moton can be extended long term and we keep all our home grown talent in this system. Might be smart since Samuel is still young as hell and getting better, a perfect fit here, and Robby isn't signed past next year. 

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1 hour ago, ImaginaryKev said:

What does squatson even mean

I'm gonna guess they mean he is squatting on his contract? Idek. 

However, back to the OP, I think the Texans want defensive players. Either way, if we traded for Watson, we'd surely draft some protection for him. You don't make a trade that big just to have the guy killed. We all saw what happened to Cam in SB50 and what happened to Mahomes just recently. 

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WRs have never been important for super bowl and deep playoff contenders. See cam 2015.

What we need is what these teams all have in common. An oline. See cam 2015 again.

If the trade includes defensive players, might need to focus on drafting what all those teams had in common as well, a defense.

WR is literally the last position to look at.


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