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Just now, TrevorLaurenceTime22 said:

Odd move unless they are close to a contract with somone else.

It is odd.  I have to stock up on popcorn cause it looks like I'm going to need it.  I gave up the booze for health reasons.

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5 minutes ago, Panthercougar68 said:

I think he's mostly talking next year being a contract next year for him. He tweeted something earlier to the extent that he can't wait till its turn.

Did he list himself as being a Panther before though?

There's nothing Panthers related on his account and he only lists himself as an "NFL linebacker".

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Just now, Mr. Scot said:

Did he list himself as being a Panther before though?

There's nothing Panthers related on his account and he only lists himself as an "NFL linebacker".

I honestly don’t think he did if I remember correctly. Just the nfl linebacker and Maryland stuff.

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    • Lol yeah I saw that 70 yard chunk. It was impressive but it was the end of the game and he gave it his all. That’s not something he can do effortlessly from play to play. I bet his arm got iced after that. It (obviously) had some crazy hang time too. I’m just reading draft profiles and it says “underrated arm strength” but never stats it as one if the best. Similar things show up in Darnold’s. Anyway we are splitting hairs here. The fact is Darnold’s arm is more than capable and he went number 3 overall with his turnover issues for a reason right? I don’t think and average arm, average athlete, with turnover issues gets drafted that high.
    • Why are you here if you don't want us to engage you on your strong opinions? I certainly didn't join the huddle to repeatedly predict the failure of the teams new QB.  You're free to that.  Just don't get upset when other fans defend.  You call us homers and parrots, we call you wet blanket, and debbie downer. I'm here to cheer my team on and share my opinions. I'm curious about the basis for your "decision making" evaluation. I've watched some of Darnold's games, including all of his ints last year.  I don't see a quarterback who makes an ungodly number of mistakes.    Some of his ints were stupid, but some were tips at the line, others under pressure, some  just impressive plays by excellent defenders who could drop back because the d could pressure without blitzing. He has a bunch of ints, but nothing off the charts. Is that the basis for "between the ears" assertion?   
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