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Just now, TrevorLaurenceTime22 said:

Odd move unless they are close to a contract with somone else.

It is odd.  I have to stock up on popcorn cause it looks like I'm going to need it.  I gave up the booze for health reasons.

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5 minutes ago, Panthercougar68 said:

I think he's mostly talking next year being a contract next year for him. He tweeted something earlier to the extent that he can't wait till its turn.

Did he list himself as being a Panther before though?

There's nothing Panthers related on his account and he only lists himself as an "NFL linebacker".

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Just now, Mr. Scot said:

Did he list himself as being a Panther before though?

There's nothing Panthers related on his account and he only lists himself as an "NFL linebacker".

I honestly don’t think he did if I remember correctly. Just the nfl linebacker and Maryland stuff.

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    • No behind the scene photoshoots from Jeremy either… I miss those days…
    • Yep. I think Rhule agrees with you which is why we gave away just a future 2nd and 4th and this years 6th.  We recouped this years 6 in the Teddy trade.   Conventional logic says future picks are the equiv of subtracting a round, so a 2nd next year is the same as a 3 rd this year.  Matt and Fitt felt by trading down and adding 3rd and 4th round picks we've already recouped the total cost of Darnold.  That's debatable, but its better than the Jets who gave up the 6, 37, 52, 169 and the following year 34 to move up 3 spots to get Darnold in 2018. I think by giving away all that draft capital, combined with already sucking, combined with picking poorly with your subsequent picks, and then hiring Gase, I think a more accurate picture would be, the GM "Jetted" Darnold rather than the jets "Darnolded" their QB. When Darnold left, they had none of their 1st round draft picks on their team.   Darron Lee, Calvin Pryor, Dee Milliner aren't even in the NFL anymore. Sam Darnold added to a long list of former first-round picks let go by the Jets | KJZ - YouTube We're giving him a fresh look to see how much of the stink was on him and how much was on the jets.    I want him to do well and want people to give him a chance.   Agreed.
    • Haven't read anything from the team's media personnel on roster changes, uniform changes, practice schedule, new schemes (dance routines)...  These are the questions that need to be answered.  Igo, get on it!
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