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Can we take a moment and enjoy what having a competent GM looks like

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3 hours ago, joemac said:

Are you really that worried about a 2nd versus 3rd round draft pick next year?  Some of yall are WAYYYYYY too attached to draft picks.

I’m saying the opposite. I’m reading the room of how some have reacted. I’m personally fine with it. Like I said, slight overcomp but nothing that’s gonna get my panties in a wad.

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6 hours ago, TheBigKat said:

Fitt knew Teddy B was NOT the answer

So did everyone else. 

Fitt was not going to mortgage our future and trade away arguably one of the best non-QB offensive weapons to get Watson

He would have if that whole thing didn't happen


We have a good GM folks

We have no idea what kind of GM he is. 

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10 minutes ago, firefox1234 said:

Not only is this counting chickens before they hatch but also counting the eggs they are gonna lay too.

That’s all this forum does. People are already saying Rhule is the worst coach ever and he has only coached one season. This entire forum is full of pre-madonnas that probably binge watch batchelor.

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The jury is still out! At least we know he's reticent to spend a king's ransom when the price gets too high (Rams and Frisco paid top dolla). He also appreciates a value and is not scared to take a chance on damaged goods for a relatively low risk-high reward type of situation. Some people may see that as bad, but I see it as smart.

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9 hours ago, Peon Awesome said:

Definitely premature to be hailing praises over the Darnold trade. We could look back at the whole thing as a disaster, particularly if, say, Fields is there at 8 and he becomes a pro bowl caliber QB. Meanwhile, Darnold statistically has been worse than Bridgewater. 

With the draft as deep as it is with OL this year, nothing says we can't still take Fields at 8 if he's there and still pick up a good to great OT in the second round plus an OG in the third. If TB manages to work a miracle and finds a trade partner for his services or even if we can't offload him to elsewhere, we could pick Fields at 8, and have him sit the year behind a hopefully much improved Darnold to learn our system. Then next camp, throw it to open competition, and see who wins. If it's Fields, great, we made a good pick at 8 this year and we could shop Darnold to another QB needy team (there's always a few every year). If not, then he sits for another year and learns more until he's ready to take over the reins.

Odd man out with this would be Grier, and I don't believe anyone besides his immediate family would give a poo anymore if he's tossed. Not saying this will happen or even that it's likely to, but it is still a possibility (and to me, a smart one, should we go this route). Luck of the draft will tell us more.

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I judge GMs over the long run by wins. Early on we didn't get the QB we wanted in free agency, so that's a big loss, and we acquired a QB no other team wanted to trade for. We also signed some backups and lost Samuel. If that is making you think our GM is really good then the bar pretty low. If you think he's just competent then that isn't much to post about. 

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