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General Friday Draft Discussion - Rounds 2-3

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Posted (edited)
3 minutes ago, PhillyB said:

come on man it was a great pick, and a great strategy if he was on their big board.

Best thing about this is the Brady connection. I’m just not buying the whole “this is all falling into place” theory that is trying to be forced down my throat. 

Love the pick though, no complaints.

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2 minutes ago, Fox007 said:

Yea they posted our OL rank and we were in middle of the league even if near right in the middle not as bad as it's made out to be here. Still not what some people keep fugin saying. Doesn't even matter which type of ranking you decide or which site. WE WERE NOT IN THE BOTTOM OF THE LEAGUE IN OL

Idk if it's me getting older and not getting so emotional about every move the team makes, but it seems like to me for the first time we have a coach and staff and recognizes problems on the team and tries to fix them. Unlike what we've had for the past 2 decades where the coach and staff instead of fixing problems leaves me saying "oh so we're just going to keep beating our heads against the wall over and over again huh?".

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2 minutes ago, PantherOnTheProwl1523 said:

We need players that can hit the field right away and can make an impact not just serviceable players.

no team hits most of their day 3 picks.

you are doing good to find some quality on day 3.

day 1 and 2 are where you expect players to start or aleast be a good rotation/depth guy

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