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What did we actually gain with the trading down

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23 minutes ago, Smittymoose said:

Can’t get caught up in the name game. You are more likely to get a few hits swinging 11 times than you are swinging 6 times. It’s really that simple. 

That being said, can’t wait until 1-2 of these guys doesn’t make the team out of camp and masses start screaming about being right on trading down. Will be fun. 

You’re not wrong at all. It was frustrating watching the draft, but listening to Rhule and Fitterer discuss their decision afterwards eased my mind. I like the direction this team is heading. 

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42 minutes ago, Panthers8969 said:

Sure, I agree each draft class isn’t equal, so why is the concept that the current class is always more valuable than the future class? Sounds like we’re on the same page, it should vary from year to year 

I think we're on the same page somewhat. What I'm getting at is that they obviously valued several of this players in the third round as effective second rounders not only in this year's draft class, but next year's as well. 

I don't believe that they're thinking that the present draft class is always the most important from a personnel or a draft capital perspective. Some FOs may view things from such a simplistic perspective, but Rhule and--now--Fitterer seem to be very much forward thinkers in terms of the bigger picture.

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Every time we traded down, and still got someone we wanted, we got them for cheaper than we would have with our original pick. We’re going to have to sign all of these picks before they can make the roster, so getting them later saves us plenty of money. I’m sure we’re not done in FA as some other teams upgraded at our positions of need and every little bit of cap space helps to fill the remaining holes. 

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Just now, Jared Patterson said:

What are all our picks next year in order???? PLEASE ANSWER I am super interested. I would love you forever. 

There's no way to know where our picks will be. All we can know is how many we have in each round.

Far as I know, right now it's one in each round except the second.

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10 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

I'm telling you how the evaluators see it, and yes it makes sense.

If you were asked to hire five people this year based solely on stats but couldn't meet or talk to any of them while knowing that next year you also needed to hire people but would be able to fully interview and vet them, which of those two processes would you have more confidence in?

Would that not make NEXT years pick more valuable then? 

The argument presented is a a 3rd in 2021 is more valuable than a 2nd in 2022 which is generally how future draft calculations have had these things forever yet your comments are to the contrary. 

I too agree based on the extenuating circumstances surrounding covid that may not hold true with THESE particular years. I believe it was Rappaport alluding to this as well prior to the draft that we'd see less trades of future picks for this reason.

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On 5/1/2021 at 9:50 AM, WOW!! said:

A extra 3rd pick and a 4th next year.. And got the player they wanted in the 2nd..

Yes, the player they wanted they got but not the player they NEEDED. They got a fast receiver who routinely drops easily catchable balls just because he's the OC's former pet receiver, that's not a win!

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Posted (edited)
17 hours ago, Panthers8969 said:

Sure, but that’s not what Rhule said. He said “his guys” (not entirely sure what that means but would presume fitts and co) valued a 3rd this year as a future 2nd. You seem to be saying the opposite (which I would agree with)

They was saying in the press conference about the trades they would ask Suleiman.

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