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0.00% chance Tepper builds a new stadium in South Carolina...unbuilt/planned practice/office facilities have already gone completely sideways.

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1 minute ago, Moo Daeng said:

It called Tepper a liberal billionaire as many times as possible. He's a billionaire for sure but he's the definition of center right. 

But he hated Trump (called him demented, narcissistic scumbag) so that makes him a lib of course LOL.  I mean, other than him being a Republican and all. 

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5 minutes ago, gofightwin said:

But he hated Trump (called him demented, narcissistic scumbag) so that makes him a lib of course LOL.  I mean, other than him being a Republican and all. 

Exactly. Either the writer is a moron and believes this or the writer is feeding his stupid readers (if he has any). Either way it's pure garbage and old Sizzle boy goes on the ignore list for even bringing it here.

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, electro's horse said:

this is an oped from some bomb throwing rag

why would you admit to reading this website?

I only recently learned of it as a byproduct of reading up on the Murdaugh situation down in Hampton County, SC.

I do agree that the blogger is anything but an arms-length independent reporter presenting stories in a fair & balanced manner...

...but it doesn't change the facts that (a) the financial package given to a multi-billionaire who doesn't need to money is now a serious political hot potato in the State of SC, and (b) said package is already off the rails from a financial perspective.

It's a real story...


Edited by SizzleBuzz
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58 minutes ago, RumHam said:

He needs to get ballsy and just build the stadium south of greenville. tons of cheap land. Still close enough to Charlotte.

You need to be close to a NC population center if you want to survive. SC doesn't really have any non-NC adjacent areas that are capable of supporting professional sports in any real way. 

Frankly, SC barely supports the Panthers as it is. Greenville is the best non-NC adjacent location, however. I definitely agree with that.

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So what is the total cost of this practice facility? 225 million is steep. Just what kind of other events can be held there to justify the soaring cost? It is not a big shock that another round of billionaire welfare isn't working out so well.

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Fort Mill would be perfect for the stadium.  There is one guy who sits on 500 acres of land on the river basically across the future practice facility.

Imaging parking at Panthers HQ and walking across the bridge to Panthers stadium.

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    • You are spot on. I have been in favor of the Darnold trade since we made it. In part because I didn’t want to give up multiple 1st round picks for a QB (Watson, Stafford or a rookie) and in part because I think with Darnold the talent is clearly there. He wasn’t good with the Jets but he still had a highlight reel you could look at and say “wow, this dude has a very accurate arm, can make every throw and is surprisingly mobile”  I’ve been saying all along that I thought Darnold would have been the 2nd QB taken in this years draft. And look at how bad Zach Wilson is struggling in NY now. There were a lot of huddlers riding his hype train, some suggesting we trade 3 first rounders to get him. I think we may have gotten a better QB for a 2nd. There’s a long way to go, but Darnold never had a fair shot in NY and Wilson doesn’t now either. There was a loud mob on here insisting he just wasn’t that good and if he was he would have been more successful with the Jets. So far he is proving them wrong and I couldn’t be happier about it.
    • I heard 2 ESPN NFL analysts call the Panthers the number 1 defense in the league without any disclaimers and followed by heavy praise. I'd say we put some people on notice with that win against the Saints.
    • not gonna start a new thread for this because I don't have a link so I'll put it here.  Saw this on another board. "Horn has only been targeted 5 times and has only allowed 2 receptions for 18 yards through his first 2 games." Rookie is already close to a shutdown corner.     DJax is tackling like a fiend, and now add a very good nickel... things that make you go hmmm
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