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Robby Anderson invites Sports Illustrated into his home, talks sneaker collection and how he viewed Sam Darnold's situation with the Jets vs now.

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12 hours ago, Michael G said:

My wife watched this with me and let me know that she is now justified about her shoe collection and the money spent on it. Thanks Robby!

Sarcastic Thanks GIFs | Tenor

I need my wife to watch this because she spends a Kings fortune on shoes. 🙂


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11 hours ago, glenwo2 said:

Loved the video.  🙂


But just what did she mean when she said that his closet SMELLED great?  🤔

Was it that Brand-New smell or something? 

Probably just means he’s not friends with Najeh Davenport.

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59 minutes ago, NYPantherFan said:

Definitely his agent putting his face out there in a contract year. Bradberry's agent had him doing the same stuff last off-season

Absolutely. Wasn’t really thinking about it but compared to last year there’s been way more talk about him. Wonder if the voluntary camp was skipped more for marketing because it worked. 

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    • Not quite accurate because you're mostly looking just at the guys who followed him directly from Baylor. Sean Ryan was on staff alongside Rhule when he was with the Giants. So was Al Holcomb, and he was already here so it was an easy hire. Kevin Gilbride was on staff with Rhule at Temple rather than Baylor. His dad also coached with Rhule on the Giants staff. Terrance Knighton didn't coach with Rhule, but he played for him at Temple. Rhule was actually his position coach for a season. Jason Simmons doesn't have a direct connection with Rhule but he does with Phil Snow. Simmons played for Snow at Arizona State. Mind you, there actually could have been more but some of his guys chose not to follow him. A few others weren't with him long enough or didn't have enough experience to be qualified. Those were the positions that ended up with other people. But even one of those, DL Coach Mike Phair, ended up gone a year later in favor of Rhule's Baylor DL Coach Frank Okam. As to NFL experience, the guys who do have it haven't risen above the level of position coaches.  None of them has been a pro level coordinator that I know of, and definitely no head coaches. Add to this that Rhule had been able to get a couple of guys added in front office and administrative roles. Pat Stewart is the highest. Evan Cooper, Sean Padden and EJ Barthel were the others but Padden and Barthel have departed since (Padden under some questionable circumstances). All in all, there are only about five or six guys on the entire staff that aren't connected to Rhule in some way, most of them on offense. And those are the guys I won't be surprised to become scapegoats for our offensive struggles.
    • Both things can be true. Rivera was wrong for cutting heineke and rivera was right for choosing to stay the course and develop heineke. He could have pulled a matt rhule, bring in qbs and wasting time.
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