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CBSsports 2020 redraft

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First if all, it's too early for this imo but I am glad to see our players getting recognition. 

This is just one guy's take on what should have happened that night but I thought it was interesting.

Our FO did a great job on early returns and hopefully the 2021 holds the same success. I honestly didn't expect to see YGM up there as I thought he flew under the radar last season. 

Pretty sure you could guess the other two. 



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10 minutes ago, pantherclaw said:

Thanks, but not thanks. 

You can’t build a defense from the back forward. 

We had 3 guys on this list, 2 of which were on the D Line.  DL is also pretty stacked this season with good, young guys and good vets in Reddick/Jones, so I don’t think we’re doing that at all.  


I was surprised to see YGM on here too.  Glad he’s getting some props.  I think he can be really good, but likely won’t really blossom until 2022.  

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So 9 wide receivers in the re-draft. 6 in the original and two who did not make it, Reagor and Ruggs. 

It was a great WR draft class, but so was this year's. I have no clue about the other positional groups so not sure how these years compare. 

But I would not be surprised if Marshall end up as a great pick for us. Not saying he will end up as a first rounder in next years "re-draft" because there was a bunch of good WR prospects ending up in good situations. 

This year's draft was absolutely the right year to double down on the WR position. 

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