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What are our options if Darnold Gets Injured?

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The above article proposes 5 options if Darnold is injured for a lengthy period of time; The options the Article give are:

1. Will Grier

2. PJ Walker

......our backups so kinda of makes since especially if we've been losing anyway

3. Robert Griffith III 

....Is he the best FA available? The Article suggests he is.

4. Nick Foles

5. Daniel Locke

....The article proposes trading for Foles suggesting he will lose his job to Fields or Andy Dalton in Chicago, if we are winning. It also suggests trading to acquire Locke if he loses his job in Denver.

I'm not sure I like any of these options. What do you guy think the team should do if Darnold sustains a substantial injury during the season?

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I’d rather go with PJ Walker than any of the other options.  RGIII hasn’t looked good in ages, Will Grier is just bad, and Foles has a magic that only works when he’s on the Eagles.  Drew Lock has been bad, too.  We made him look All-Pro last season but I think that was his best ever game as a pro.  At least PJ has the unknown excitement factor going for him.  

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The options would be very limited right now because NFL rosters are still  at 90. I tend to think the team would roll with PJ (or Will) and move up whoever QB they have stashed on the Practice Squad. Besides RG3 FA options right now would include guys like Matt Moore, Jordan Ta'mu, Brett Hundley and even Joe Webb.

Once rosters are cut down I find it hard to believe the PJ or Will (or any of the current available FA's) would be our best alternate option but I believe the team will stick to guys on the roster, unless we are in the playoff hunt.

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1 minute ago, stbugs said:

This. If Darnold is hurt for the year or most of the year, it’s time to go for a 1st round QB or Watson. Getting Watson with a top 5 pick would be much easier too.

That's why the Panthers continue to be at the front of the line in the Watson saga. They're looking to hedge.

I hope Sam becomes our 3rd best ever Panthers QB but Watson isn't a question mark he's proven firepower on his own at times.


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14 minutes ago, CarolinaLivin said:



C'mon Man...that's an uncatchable overthrow. It wouldn't have even been able to get a flag thrown! He's lucky that trash can was back there so he didn't have to chase the ball too far....

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3 minutes ago, thefuzz said:

Top 5 pick?

Yeah if he was playing with me, Chris Christie, Nancy Pelosi, Tinker Bell, and Jimmy Clausen on the playground (and one of the team captains was his Mama).


The kid may have some ability. I honestly would like to see him get another chance...maybe in the preseason this year.

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