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Charles Johnson on cutting Ibe. Has a point!

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You may not agree with it, but I think CJ has a point. 



As for me, I think it was all unfortunate. Admittedly, I'm from a day when players knocked the sh¡t out of each other with damned near reckless abandon:

"if you don't wanna get hit, put on a skirt!"

But, I guess you could say that Rhule made the right call in light of today's emphasis on player safety. 

But damn, part of me kind of believes that Rhule was being overly sensitive because a player that he's known for years was laying motionless on the ground. In other words, he overreacted--had a knee-jerk reaction. Plus, he was already pissed off about the unwanted physicality of Saturday night's practice.

It was a perfect storm, whipped up by a young kid who lost his head for a moment. Too bad!

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Yeah, it seems harsh but the example is probably worth it. It just required the sacrifice of a guy that was an extreme longshot to even make the practice squad. It sucks for Kirkwood and Ibe but it is what it is.

This isn't the NFL of even 10-15 years ago. Player safety is a real thing. 

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Can't say he is wrong. This is a young team still searching for an identity and trying to establish a new culture. That is formed via leadership and there are layers to stuff like this. Need someone to help this team find that next gear for this upcoming season to turn those close losses into more wins. I am very relieved Kirkwood is okay though.

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I'm confused.  So when someone tries to kill Cam, they should get the death penalty. CTE is the most dangerous thing ever. But if a guy plays recklessly and tries to kill a teammate, he should be hugged and coached up.

Which is softer?

1.)  Todays NFL rules in regard to contact

B.) Not punishing a player that plays with abandon an injures his peers or..

V.) Natural bosoms                                                                                                

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Just now, iamhubby1 said:

If you're going to send a message, do it with a guy who's not making the team.

I would say do it with a guy who's gonna make the team, otherwise it's just a bunch of bullshit anyway. 

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Posted (edited)
8 minutes ago, Captroop said:

Player safety is a good thing.

Armchair internet badasses can whine all day that they don't play as hard as they did when "real men" used to play. To that, I say two things: When "real men" played the game according to these guys, your average NFL linebacker looked like Bud from the gas station. The game has changed. Now, players are setting speed and strength records at the combine that would have turned heads at Olympic qualifiers in the 80s. They're bigger, the game is faster, and the contacts are harder. Are players gouging eyes at the bottom of a scrum? Probably not. But every impact between these guys is hitting with the g-forces of a car accident.

And second, knowing what we know about CTE now, it's frankly perverse not to crack down on risks to player safety. Voluntarily consuming sports entertainment from league that's not taking every measure to ensure the health and safety of their players, while league retirees in their 40s are blowing their brains out, beating their wives, and have palsy so bad they can't even climb down their own stairs, is just barbaric. I mean look what happened to Antonio Brown, who's eggs got scrambled so bad his entire personality changed for life. Just because of a hit from Vontaze Burfict, who was every "it's a man's game" golden age fallacy fan's favorite player. Cheering on that kind of play for one's own entertainment is no better than gladiatorial combat.

I enjoy football, but I seriously question the sadistic tendencies of anyone who complains that players are less inclined to grievously injure each other.

Equating what this kid did to the things that Vontaze Burfuct has done is a false equivalency. As such, you've kind of missed the point that "Internet badass" Charles Johnson was making.

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