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Panthers sign K Zane Gonzalez


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14 minutes ago, 4Corners said:

Breaking News on TMZ

Famous cleat chasing, porno filming, and positive contributing member of society Kim K has announced she is leaving Kanye West to pursue mouth breather who defended her honor on Panthers message board. 

Spin it however you like. I'm not defending Kim specifically, just the principle. I know it's likely not going to change you from being a pretentious little poo in any case. 

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24 minutes ago, Floppin said:



Aren't ya'll just the epitome of misogyny. 

I don't give two fugs about Kim personally but I certainly wouldn't attempt to belittle anyone for their sexuality or promiscuity. People like to have sex, women included. Get over it. It's honestly disgusting that you think it's something to shame someone for. Do better. 

hope she sees this one too bro

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5 minutes ago, Jon Snow said:

I don't think it's up to him. But I think I heard it mentioned on a game broadcast...or it was the voices in my head again. 


Just now, thefuzz said:

He had decided to retire, we talked him into another stint.

Ah nice yea its always good when you don't have to worry about any position and he has definitely been that.

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16 minutes ago, rayzor said:

At least we don't have that scrub, Butker. Thanks, Ron/Marty

Isn't it nice to have a real GM now...even though our HC don't seem to be able to find a K which should be the easy part but man Butker on this team is exactly what you want/need when you have a young team and can get those points whenever they come up.

Kasay was huge for the team

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