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Panthers trade for Gilmore


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47 minutes ago, Basbear said:

I think you are over thinking this. Break it down simple- 31 yr old former DPOY Gilmore for a 2023 6th. Yes OL,OL, OLOLOLLOLLLOLLOOOLOOLLOOLOLLOL, OL. 31 other teams are looking for OL help, its a league wide issue. Would you feel meh if Finesser traded a future 6th for Von Miller?? They dont need a DE, but is Stephon Gilmore errrr Von fuging Miller. Would you poo poo on that as well? Think of this in simple terms without OL clouds. Besides if Gilmore balls out, they get a 2023 comp 3rd for him.....  

We obv should have saved that 2023 6th rounder to trade for a former all pro lineman. 

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6 hours ago, Mage said:

Lmao back in the Rivera era, our solution to a problem was just to convert a player to a different position smh

I don't even care if this move works out.  I MUCH rather go down swinging like we give a damn than sitting around waiting to get clapped by the elite teams.  I loveeeee aggressive FOs.  

But I have no doubt about this.  Even if Gilmore isn't at his 2019 level, and he likely won't be, he's still going to be a solid man corner.  


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