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Sam Darnold press conference after Philidelphia game


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"Did not play well enough today that's just what it boils down to for me personally.   Didn't play my best football ." 

"I know a couple of those throwaways I was scrambling so more of a coverage thing than anything.   I think that they did a good job in coverage    "

Q:Robbie was that was visibly frustrated on the sidelines what in particular might have been frustrated about 
"I’m going to keep that between Robbie and everyone that was involved."

Q:How many of the three picks you think will result of pressure and how much of your overall performance today do you think were the result of pressure in your face?

"I mean I felt like some of those I was holding on the ball too long.   I think that that can also lead to pressure.   So there's a bunch of things that kind of go into it. "
Q:How much of adjustment was it for you guys with Taylor moving to the left side and bringing Brady in? 
"I thought T-Mo did a great job over there at least it felt like it, and then Brady I thought did really well at right tackle.   So yeah I thought they did a good job.  There were just a lot of instances where I felt like I was hanging on the ball too long and got to get it out."

"I should have hit that throw where I rolled out to the right. I should hit that throw to Robbie and if who knows what happens after that."


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10 minutes ago, SBBlue said:

Say what you want about Darnold, he doesn't blame anyone else.

That's one thing he always will have over Teddy Asswater at least.


4 minutes ago, hepcat said:

No one cares what you have to say Sam. Shut up and win next week.

10000% this.     I don't want excuses.  ONLY RESULTS (Positive ones).

Just find a way to win next week (or at least not suck ass like you did today...good lord).

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