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Panthers at Ravens thread


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11 minutes ago, Seltzer said:

So you're smarter than the league also??

Thank God we have so many geniuses on this place. I guess I need to dip out again for a while bc I obviously can't compete with all you mental heavyweights who never attend games but constantly know exactly how much guys are worth and how the NFL works.

Many of yall deserve misery bc yall are miserable people. I'll leave yall geniuses to it. yall obviously have everything figured out.

What a waste of a once-good site.

There's a new huddle punching bag every few months it's best to just laugh and move along.

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28 minutes ago, TheCasillas said:

We ran a four man front... both Brown and Roy held their gaps. It was Luvu's fault that play when to the outside. Brown isnt playing the 2 gap technique role in our defense. 


Even with your statement, Brown did exactly that. He is living in the 1 gap on that play.... Luvu crashed the 4 with Shaq for no explicit reason. 



Because Brown was playing nose and responsible for both A gap controls. He bit on the counter step and left the MLB with no shot to come down into the A gap. Left the MLB open for a free angle by the LT going to the second level over top the A gaps behind Brown.

Shaq crashed the 2 hole perfectly. Brown was shaded over the center to the 1 hole. He was suppose to push the center down into the 2 and hold the 1. He swims over the center on a run play into the 2 and now he is next to Shaq. He was not suppose to jump over the center to the 2. Browns responsibility were both A gaps while filling the 1 to the left of center. He made all those OL blocks easy when he decided to jump swim into the 2.

Anyone can see Brown shaded to the right of the center in the 1 pre snap. Anyone can see Shaq crash the 2 to right of center. Anyone can see Brown stand straight up and jump swim to the 2 leaving the 1 open for the cut back. Easy seal for the center.

This was on Brown. You don't need a LB crashing the 2 with the DT jumping behind the crashing LB.

Why you won't admit how bad Brown messed his assignment up is beyond me. It's plain as day where he was shaded, where he jumped, where the RB was going and how the blocking was set up for the 1 hole on the left side of the OL.

Luvu's responsibility was to scrape off Browns left side and fill behind Shaq. Brown was alerted to the LBs crashing that A gap (2 hole). Both Shaq and Luvu were stepping up to fill the 2 hole pre snap with Brown shaded to the 1 hole. Brown Fd the play.

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21 minutes ago, TheCasillas said:

I must have been typing too fast, I meant all of that**


I cant edit, but my meaning was this exact phrase:

You'd have to wait 2.5 years to even use all of that

So what if it takes 2.5 years to use all of it. Burns is not an elite talent. He's good, but the offer was a ransom for an incomplete DE to a team hanging on the edge of competing for it all now. Those picks allow for a lot of flexibility if the team wants to move up for a QB next year. 30 mil in cap space can allow you to add 2 or 3 key pieces. If I thought we were 1 or 2 key pieces away from being in contention, I'd say keep Burns, fug the trade. But we're not. We're likely 2 years minimum, probably 3 from being playoff contenders at best given our present qb situation. That's when extra 1st would definitely come in handy. 

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4 hours ago, mrcompletely11 said:

There are numerous picks from the second third and fourth round with comparable stats

Then quit being a bitch about the first round picks. Just let Fitt know who to draft in the second,third, and fourth rounds since you know everything. 

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