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College Football Rivalry Week


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It's like the team decided to go on vacation after clinching the Coastal. Pretty typical Mack Brown season, 6-9 wins mostly on out-talenting teams, but poor development leads to losses when not bailed out on great QB play. QB struggles, we lose. Can't really blame Brown for missed kicks though.

I don't know about the Clemson game. Most probably expect us to get blown out, and I won't deny that it's a distinct possibly, but I have a feeling that UNC will show up and it will be a game in the forth. We need someone other than Maye to step up.

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1 minute ago, ForJimmy said:

He hit him deep in stride while getting hit by the FSU guy. The announcers compared it to Cam Newton.

You have to remember he’s looking for any and every reason to tear Richardson down. If that was Penix he’d say it was a great throw and a great read finding the open man. 

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4 minutes ago, USDepartmentOfSavagery said:

Because it’s funny watching a bunch of non UNC grads whine about their average ass football program 

I would understand if you were a NC State fan.. that would make sense! Hey you know I was hoping UNC was turning the corner!! I was worried about these last few games.. and they let me down as usual..ACC isn't exactly a powerhouse in football..Let me guess your SEC.. Florida??  a garbage team too!! lol..

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3 minutes ago, Rocky Davis said:

Hey they aren't average, 9-3 is good when you have a bad D and your offensive coordinator is chicken poop.  The refs were horrible because they knew State needed a win for a better bowl game, it's to put more money in the NC educational system pockets.

They are an average football program. They are a good team this year, but how many years are we into the Mack era. They should be competing with Clemson at this point for invitations into the playoff. With their resources, they should absolutely be meeting those expectations. 

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Getting clear if Richardson can be a consistent passer he is dangerous.  The comparison to Cam is legit but not sure that he can’t be better.  Lots of IFs with him 

Would be extremely shaky staking the franchise on a player this raw but we are desperate 

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