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New Coach. New QB. New Uniforms?


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3 hours ago, Jackie Lee said:

You mean when they just removed the blue outline on the panther head and changed the whiskers? That was fairly subtle. It was a little 90's dated but I still liked/like it

talking about this change. fans hated it badly at the time.



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2 minutes ago, Cavscout said:

Anything is better than this:


I cringed when I saw that in 1995, but i was so excited about a team.  I was a colt fan--not used to 3 primary colors.  Those numbers look like Walmart.  The faces of these guys tells it all.  You know they are interns or office workers who got paid $20 to put these on for reporters--and they look a bit embarrassed.  Or they should.

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4 minutes ago, MHS831 said:

It really is.  TO be fair--I do not like the blue--you can't see the Panther logo's left whiskers.  Throws off the balance.


I actually don't mind the blue, either.  But, you are right about the whiskers disappearing, as does most of the outline on the logo.  Probably have to change the whiskers to white and use a thin white outline on the entire logo to make it work.

Good color, just a lot disappears into it.  Better than wearing black on hot, sunny days the first half of the season.

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2 minutes ago, WestPanthers said:

The 3 stripes on the shoulder just look like the logo from Monster energy drink 🤣

I’m against making the lines claw marks as well. Very arena league 

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