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Ickey is fuging garbage - the official thread™

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We aren't running the ball as much or effectively and DEs are teeing off on straight rushes to BY as fast as they can a la Brian Burns.

Icky looked pretty decent last year because instead of always knowing he was going to be in pass protect like this year, there were times he could just go ahead and maul the DE in front of him in the run game.  The offense doesn't fit Icky being at LT.....guard yes, tackle no.


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He would fit better at guard or RT.  I bought the hype that we had found our LT but always in the back of my mind wondered how the road grader aggressive run blocker we all heard about pre draft had magically became a pass pro expert.  Moton needs to man up and earn his salary on the left side instead of right. He can't be worse at this point than icky. 

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I don't know what the issue really is.  I get Corbett was out for the first part of the season but how the hell did our O-Line go from being a strength to a huge weakness.  We have the same O-Line Coach.  Coach Campen is a well-respected coach in this league.  Are we running a different approach to the way we block?  

Of course, it is much easier for a defense to pin their ears back when they know we have to throw the ball.  Icky got abused yesterday.  There was one play where the defender planted our 300+ Lb OT as if he'd never played the position before. 

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It was so embarrassing when they replayed him getting bullrushed on his backside. And I thought it couldn't get more embarrassing after 5 false starts in Seattle. He's definitely not living up to his draft status, let alone being drafted.

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16 hours ago, Pejorative Miscreant said:

I'm an NC State guy and big fan of Ickey but there is no way to defend this as he currently looks like the second coming of Byron Bell right now. 



I wish i could argue that point but I cannot. Let's just hope the coaches can get him to reach his full potential or he will become a big bust.

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31 minutes ago, Tbe said:

I just don’t know anymore. He had some terrible reps.


Unfortunately that was just one example yesterday, and I’m not even sure it was the worst one.  
 They need to stick burns on him in practice so he can work on some type of answer to speed rushers

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There was an offensive scheme change and not sure he fits it

Brady is also not a LG.  

it is a total mystery,  when it’s clear he needs help, that offensive coaches are not giving it to him and are letting their #1 draft pick get mauled every game

there are certainly was to scheme around this situation  the coaches are just not doing it     I guess they are ‘just a wishing  and a hoping’ for a miracle 

Frustrating , There were warning signs with the last game injuries to key starters last year and nothing of consequence was done to fix it and lack of depth 

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    • The hit piece was just a few months ago and a lot of points were valid lol.
    • No, sounds like he lost a lot of credibility writing a hit piece on Sean Mcdermott a couple years ago in this similar vein. Gotta try to get those subscribers up on his fuging substack lol. Also say your name when bashing someone publicly instead of hiding behind anonymity 
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