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Annual reminder that Panthers drafted this guy and then lost him


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And of course, he's not setting SuperBowl records

The rising tide lifts all boats. Kickers, too.

Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker, who has now played in four Super Bowls, set the all-time career Super Bowl record last night with nine field goals. He added four in the 25-22 overtime win over the 49ers.

Three of his field goals on Sunday were shorter than extra points — 28, 24, and 29. He added a Super Bowl-record 57-yarder, breaking the brand-new record set earlier in the game by 49ers kicker Jake Moody, from 56.

(Moody, by the way, became the first kicker to hit two field goals in the same game from 50 or more yards away.)

Butker also tied the record for most field goals made in a single Super Bowl, and for the most attempted in a career, with 10.

There was a moment when Butker arguably was on the radar screen for potential MVP consideration. If he’d finished with five field goals, including both the one to force overtime and possibly a long one to win the game, who knows?

Regardless, he’s in the record books, both for what he was able to do in the game and because he’s on a team that has played in four Super Bowls in five years.

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fuging cold blooded and clutch as hell. what a fuging shame we chose an overpaid Gano who Rivera didn't even trust to kick a 50 yarder over him. he would've won SB MVP if they won it on a FG instead of a Mahomes TD.

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3 hours ago, MasterAwesome said:

I mean, Kicker might genuinely be one of our 2 or 3 strongest positions over the last few seasons as sad as that is.  We've lucked into some pretty good ones with Gonzalez/Pineiro.  I dunno how much a marginal upgrade at Kicker would've moved the needle for us.

We keep saying this about every position it seems...

At some point you have to love the one your with and put a team together. 

Piniero cant even make a 50 yarder in a regular season game. 


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