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Bill's Diggs to Houston for 2025 2nd rounder

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I'm not really sure this was a great move by the Texans

With Dell, Collins, and Shultz, they weren't exactly lacking weapons for Stroud in the passing game.

Now you go out and give up a 2nd rounder to get the guy who is probably the biggest diva in the league right now, the guy who throws fits when you don't get him the ball enough to his liking.

There is a 50/50 shot this backfires on them and ends up stunting Stroud's growth when he feels the need to keep forcing it to Diggs to keep him from going nuts.  Which in turn could then stunt Dell's growth as well.

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Just now, ChuckWag78 said:

Tell that to the Rams a few years ago. 

Yeah worked for the Bucs too, although they did a lot less trading than the Rams. However, the Rams also tried to double down and send us 2 first round picks and a 2nd for Burns and they would have gotten completely screwed on that deal had the Panthers been smart enough to take it.

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10 minutes ago, CamWhoaaCam said:

Man we really screwed up not drafting Stroud. This man turned Houston into contenders overnight. They going all in on a QB in his 2nd season. That's WILD!

Most of us assumed stroud was the pick when we first traded up. But more time passed and the media campaign against stroud revved up and the nut hugging of Bryce that happened simultaneously.  The S2 test stupidity was just the icing on the cake. 

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14 minutes ago, Hoenheim said:

Bills definitely getting a WR now in R1

They got rid of Josh Allen's two best WRs. Chargers did the same thing oddly enough. 

I hope the Chargers draft Nabers or Harrison Jr and we can pick up Palmer for cheap. Palmer is a solid WR2 option at only 24 yo, and I think his market value would be cheap for the production he'd bring.

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Texans know they got a winner in CJ Stroud and are spending big to maximize his rookie contract. Smart football decisions. 

Meanwhile the Panthers are still the biggest retard organization in pro sports. Thanks David Tepper for all the great memories you've given us. 

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22 minutes ago, tukafan21 said:


Now you go out and give up a 2nd rounder to get the guy who is probably the biggest diva in the league right now, the guy who throws fits when you don't get him the ball enough to his liking

it's a 2025 2nd rounder so who cares. 

this is a great move and people saying otherwise are lying to themselves. 

Texans are going for it with the quarterback the Panthers passed on to draft a midget. 

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Of course,  I can already see irrational panther fans on my Facebook screaming that Morgan should trade for Brandon Ayuik or Tee Higgins right now lol.

If we do that boy are we going to be cap strapped for the next couple years.  Unless Tillis goes the Saints route and tries to infinity kick the can down the road 

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    • The hit piece was just a few months ago and a lot of points were valid lol.
    • No, sounds like he lost a lot of credibility writing a hit piece on Sean Mcdermott a couple years ago in this similar vein. Gotta try to get those subscribers up on his fuging substack lol. Also say your name when bashing someone publicly instead of hiding behind anonymity 
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