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Fighting food insecurity in our backyard: The David and Nicole Tepper Foundation makes major gift to support Charlotte Nonprofit 'Nourish Up' 

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31 minutes ago, rayzor said:

Being food insecure means you have trouble securing food. It's mainly in reference to poorer families and children in homes where they don't have access to food consistently.

We all need to be doing more, especially those who have a lot more.

Ditto, as well as GOOD mental health resources. The 2 go hand in hand.

Can’t buy food if you’re broke. Crippling depression and schizophrenia.. a cause and effect of the former…

but MH  facilities are closing up on the regular and 60 year old “obsolete” primary schools are being torn down for a 30 million dollar school to take its place.  Funny how college campuses will have 200 year old buildings and they’re just fine. 

Where is the after hours tutoring in poor neighborhoods to boost graduation rates and hopefully lead to good careers? It’s all lip service.

Want to impress? Build a $30 million MH facility that offers inpatient services, well staffed with GOOD PHYSICIANS, and offer outpatient counseling and medication management. Have it tied in with a career training and GED program.

People should donate heavily to food banks directly. I don’t trust foundations. Especially those that are Te**** approved. yeah.

Until root causes for hunger are addressed, we’ll keep letting the car leak oil while we wipe up the stains on the driveway. 

MH is a large portion of my career, and I see what it does to people and families. 


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3 Mil dollars from Tepper. The Bitch is worth 20 billion. I am glad they are doing something but this is the equivalent of us rounding up on our order at a restaurant.  

Can we get a news article ever time we donate our pocket change as well? 

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the constant "process blue" washing of the Tepper foundation's every dollar donated is corny as hell. I liked it better when you heard tell of nice things the owners did from a 3rd party. with some credibility and positive word of mouth. not tooting your own horn every time you give a little scratch.

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11 hours ago, TheBigKat said:

This is called ‘white washing’

...Yea.... the city donates to billionaire welfare to the tune of 600mil for stadium renovation and they turn around and give 3mil back... thats 0.00015% of his wealth... akin to you and I buying a single tic-tac....fug them, I have NFL win insecurity.

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