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Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

Jeremy Igo

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    • What happened to Jaycee Horn because there is a story about him breaking his foot. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/09/23/report-jaycee-horn-breaks-foot/
    • Dude dropped a pass on a 8 yard curl that hit him directly in the chest. Sorry, but he's just not THAT guy who is going to take over games, I think last year was an anomaly while it took DJ and Teddy 2 Gloves time to get on the same page as the season progressed (if you noticed, Robby had a better first half than second last year). DJ is our #1, CMC was/is our #2, and TMJ is turning into our #3 Robby has speed and that can help our offense, even if it's just opening up holes for DJ to sit into, but to think this guy is going to repeat his numbers last year was just a fools errand, he's just not that guy. I'm a die hard Panthers fan who my friends know is likely to over-bid on Panthers in fantasy drafts (hence why DJ is on my team this year), but I was tuning out the auctions as Robby was up for bidding this year, just never expected much from him.
    • Yea, I'll be honest, I hate when fans think like this. I'm not stupid, I can look past my fandom to realize what my team is, or isn't. I was the person still calling for Rivera and staff to be fired when we were still 12-0, 13-0, etc, in 2015.  Sure, we were winning, but it was in spite of our coaching staff, not because of it, and they proved that in the SB when they couldn't figure out how to make in game adjustments.  And yes, we still made the SB that year, but time has clearly told it wasn't because of our coaches, but because of some special players that year and I very honestly believe with better coaches, we win that SB. I'm not a player on the team, they need to be positive, but I'm a fan, I can look at my team and objectively think about what is best for them.  My positivity or negativity isn't going to affect them or the outcome of games in the slightest, so I'll look at things how I see them, not how I what or hope them to be.
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