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Ripping a bong

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Urban looks pretty blitzed himself.

didn’t the nfl just pass that weed was ok when they added another game? Maybe I misread something. They need to legalize it. Better for players to use thc then painkillers.

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Prepping to go to the Jags I guess.

Just weird and dumb. 'Hey I'm on TV, no half naked dudes with bongs please' seems like a standard route.

Anywho, please go to the Jags. There is just too much fun lol


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1 hour ago, luke262 said:

Wtf? He's in his home office (I presume?) with a topless guy chonging on a bong? 


Has he signed to be the jags coach yet? 


no seriously, he's on his boat in the vid.  

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