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so what did the last ~20 years of panthers football feel like to you

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Two Superbowl appearances.

More success than a whole lot of franchises. 

Lots of friends made. 

Lots of really great memories.


I'd do it again. 

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I feel like the Carolina Panthers have wasted talent for 20 years. I feel like they never had a coaching staff that could take advantage of the talent on the roster. So many bone-headed moves made by the coaching staff that just left me scratching my head... To sum it up best.... I believe it was a playoff game against Arizona in which Jake Delhomme threw five interceptions and one fumble... I do remember it was on January 10th of a year far removed. THAT game describes the Panthers best.... Just because you are given opportunities does NOT mean that you will find success. That right there is the Panthers... Given opportunities but not success.  https://www.nfl.com/news/delhomme-dooms-panthers-with-six-turnovers-09000d5d80e07124 

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4 hours ago, jfra78 said:

Everyone complains, but in reality we are in the top half of the league in Superbowl appearances in the last 20 years

Especially relative to other expansion teams first 20 years in the league. Look at the early history of the Jaguars, Texans, Seahawks, Revived Browns,  etc. etc. It's easy to complain but we're one of the most successful expansion teams in NFL history when you look at the first 20-25 years of their existences.

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The mid 2000's were a blast. I went to as many games as possible. 2003 was the most fun season in the team's history IMO. There was some excitement with Cam and Luke in their prime with TD. Earlier and to a degree later they played tough physical defense. I miss that. Stellar offense is fun but when you have to rely on not just watching the opponent march back down the field it makes it a bit boring to me

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Year 2 going to the NFC championship game was kick start

the Thanksgiving Day win over the cowgirls was a big highlight 

but nothing has topped the first Super Bowl run

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