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Carolina Panthers to hire Scott Fitterer as GM

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3 minutes ago, PantherKyle said:

None of us know anything about how well he will do. He didn't make the final calls in the draft. Now he will alongside Rhule. Let's support him. 

you sound confident

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I think after Peters as far as compatibility goes that this makes sense:

He's from the Seahawks, who have been a strong advocate for analytics. You don't have the co-founder of Microsoft as an owner and not have those techniques involved. There is a link someone posted with that, forget where.

And Rhule because he's worked with a head coach who was heavily involved that had a good collaborative relationship with the GM.

Logically, it seems they both got what they wanted.

I'm just happy it's over and look forward to the press conference.

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1 minute ago, therealmjl said:


So was Tom Landry...but he won.

Fitterer could be the most boring guy in history, but if we win I'll happily sleep through his pressers.

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33 minutes ago, bobcat91 said:

I come here daily to laugh at most of the serious posters. You don't know any of the guys, how interviews went or what their actual job interactions are, but can say with all seriousness that this guy is or is not a good fit. Frankly, no one knows. Three years from now, after a series of drafts, trades and free agent acquisitions, we will figure it out. Until your next post, get back to managing your potato chip racks

Pretty sure his is a Capricorn and Rhule is a Gemini. 

So there is that.

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