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4 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

Regardless of your feelings on trading, the notion that Mike Davis gives you anything close to what McCaffrey does is just goofy.

If you paid attention, by seasons end our run game was by committee and Davis was running on fumes.

I don’t think anybody with a level head thinks Davis gives you anything close to CMC, but he’s a really good back. I’d rather have Watson and Davis then Teddy and CMC. 

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14 minutes ago, La Pantera said:

I love CMC  he is an elite RB. But we had a 1k r this season and elite RB play is.FAAAR easier to replace than elite QB play is.

Mike Davis wasn’t even a 1K rushing back he had 165 carries and 642 rushing yards combined with receiving he was 1K back McCaffrey did it in both 

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15 minutes ago, SmokinwithWilly said:

Nobody is taking away from CMC. But what's easier to get, a franchise QB like Watson or a amazing RB like CMC. CMCs career likely declines at 30, Watson could play mid 30s. What Watson could bring to the franchise over his career is more than CMC. It's no hate for CMC and I think he's an amazing talent, it's just the truth of the positions. 

What makes anybody think Watson wants to come here with a busted O-line and the absence of the best weapon we’ve had in Carolina since Steve Smith? QBs salivate at the notion of handing off or passing to a guy like CMC. He makes them look that damn good. Stop with the nonsense.

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15 minutes ago, jfra78 said:

Remind me, how many games has CMC won?

You don't win with elite RBs...elite QBs on the other hand


The same amount as Watson.... lol they both have 28 wins since entering the league. 

edit: Watson has 10 less wins.

Edited by TheCasillas
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Watson is worth more than CMC. 

Trading away such a large piece of offense still has to be replaced.  You will not easily find anyone to come in and do what CMC does. 

Another RB that can start? Yes, but let's not act like that's the same thing. 

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