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Fox analyst says he heard that Watson has interest in Panthers!

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1 minute ago, jayflip said:

3 firsts and a Teddy. We would still win that trade. 

I think they’ll want a young core player too rather than a 1st that is 2 years away... 8 overall, 2022 first rounder, Moore/McCaffrey and some other day 2 pick(s).

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    • A lot to ask to win last night need to beat the kings on Sunday 
    • Thanks man.  Two more weeks until we get a brief leave from our conscription.  In FL they want teachers to quit, and have for awhile, this is definitely helping them.  They eliminated tenure a few years back and are now doing whatever they can to have those grandfathered in leave so they will have complete control.  This definitely sped up the process. 
    • It literally takes 2 seconds to check this stuff. Did you even bother reading the article Shocker provided? 1) it’s old but 2) they outlined how easy it would be to save money. Which the Texans have already started to do. Right now Spotrac has the Texans with almost 20 million in cap space. Overthecap has them with 16 million in cap space. Maybe OTC hasn’t updated after the Duke Johnson cut? Either way, they can save another 6 million by cutting David Johnson but said they’d like to bring him back at a reduced cost. Which will free up more money.    It’s also worth mentioning what draft picks Houston hold this year... I don’t think many of you realize just how AWFUL this Texans roster is. Now add in the fact they don’t have a pick till round 3... their immediate future isn’t looking good at all. Rarely if ever can you make an argument justifying why a team would be better off trading their superstar QB but this might actually be that time.  
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