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1 hour ago, PantherPhann89 said:

Tre  Boston was a better FS than most of the Panthers former FS. Ie.  Thomas Decoud, Haruki Nakamura, Duke Cooper, Colin Branch etc.

We can at least show the man some respect for what he's done for our/his team...

Ok....he was the tallest Pygmy and didn’t suck quite as bad as the crappy FS’s we’ve had.  


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20 minutes ago, MadHatter said:

Ok....he was the tallest Pygmy and didn’t suck quite as bad as the crappy FS’s we’ve had.  


Yeah, our history at FS is straight up trash. Deon Grant is probably the only FS we've ever had who would actually have been welcomed as a starter for more than a handful of teams in the league. We have historically been ran by dinosaurs who still think the safety position is of low value and ignoring how increasingly pass happy the NFL is becoming.

I don't think this will continue with Fitts. He saw first hand what Earl Thomas did for that Seahawks D. It may take some time to find the right guy, but I think he'll be looking and not just constantly trying to find a JAG off the trash heap.

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56 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

Stuff like this is why I'm not a fan of PFF.

This isn’t crazy. Points to him being pretty good as a deep coverage player, bang average in the slot, and absolutely awful in the box. Given that most free safety coverage reps aren’t on the normal viewing angle, I can’t say whether they’re wrong or right about the deep coverage stuff. But they sure are right about him near the line. 

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Hate to see him go. Good guy, he'll be missed.

Back in 2019 folks were talking about needing a new coach and management, a few squeaks about blowing up the team.  Well, this is what it looks like: a dismantling of what we had and a total rebuild.

If you thought we were trying to be competitive for next year, you haven't looked at Rhule's track record and methodologies. Third year is his target year after two years of house cleaning and recruiting. 

I said back in the day, things were going to look worse before they got better. They did and they are. I said back then that there was a pretty good chance that Rivera would have a winning record and be relevant again before the Panthers were. He did and he is. 

I'm buckled in, though, and waiting for next season to see if we can see that sea change starting to happen. I'd hate to think that after 2021, Rhule would be sailing into 2022 still wrecking the roster and trying to get his plan in place.

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5 minutes ago, Jackofalltrades said:

I’m torn, I’m glad but it’s another need to be addressed. 

I'd say it was already a need even if we kept him.

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    • Yep, you will see me slowly fade away on the Huddle after the draft and as the season gets closer.  I literally get more excited about the roster build than I do about the season itself.  Once the season is here, It's mostly just a poo session after a loss or everyone high-fiving after a win, which I have no real interest being part of. 
    • Ok I'll go do one right now.
    • About the 3T--you are right--I expect a reluctant cut after the draft, etc.  We cannot meet all of these needs in one draft---I think we are hoping to address 3 of them, which was exposed a bit (in theory) during the Darnold trade.  I think there is something to analyzing the layout of the draft, looking at what we have done in free agency, and using some common sense to figure out the strategy. I think the first round weapons are making Fitterer salivate--Pitts, Waddle, Smith, and Chase.  I think we get one of them.  I want a T, but they probably see what a third weapon does for the passing game--matchups, etc.  My guess is that they see OT being very deep, so they will go weapon/OL in rounds one and two. So we have signed Melvin and Bouye--experienced, one-year plugs at CB and we have Jackson.  It sure looks as though we are preparing for life without a drafted QB.  Meanwhile, we can expect YGM to step up, Reddick, Burns, and maybe Fox to pressure the QB.  That is what we hope to do on defense. It is my opinion that we intend to find an impact weapon in round 1, an OT in round 2, and maybe an IOL or QB in round 3.  CB?  maybe, but a 3rd round CB is a project. QB?  If Mond or Mills or Trask is sitting there, I think we have to take him.  
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