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Panthers trade for Sam Darnold

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We are now officially 0 for 1 on replacing the former franchise quarterback. The 100 million dollar coach and the owner who hired him are now officially on the clock. They can no longer use the boogeyman Hurney as a shield for their decisions and fans should do the same.

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6 minutes ago, TheRumGone said:

Dude we picked up his what, 18 million 5th year option, without even seeing what this dude is gonna be like with our coaches and system? This franchise is fuging dumb as poo. No reason to freak out. I ain’t buying tickets or merch for this bullshit but I will laugh my ass off at this thread next year like I did reading the Teddy signing thread last year.

Get ready for plenty of posts leading up to the season of why darnold doesn’t suck even though he only threw 9 td passes last year. But hey, Darnold has a better arm tho so there is that. Maybe he gets 20 tds this season. 

the team has done a good job concealing who is the driving force behind these decisions 

marty got fired so Marty got blamed for bridgewater, but here we are digging our heels in

somebody in the organization is pushing this kind of thing

maybe our college head coach has college head coach syndrome and thinks these guys are just a little bit of Coach ‘Em Up away from greatness 

maybe joe Brady wants to prove he can make somebody great

or maybe Dave tepper is a hedge fund manager who doesn’t understand the national football league

We’ll know eventually and I can’t wait to lambast them for it

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Just now, GoPanthers123 said:

Fair price was a 3rd rounder this year and instead the team got desperate.  This new GM should do better

He was totally desperate because he whiffed on better QBs, so this time he overpaid for a lesser QB. Never get desperate especially with the #8 pick.

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49 minutes ago, Panther'sBigD said:

Go look at the Jets fans' responses on Twitter. NONE of them are bashing Darnold; almost all of them think his talent was squandered by Gase and that he excels with a change of scenery. 

Yeah if the Jets were in a top 3 draft position to draft a new QB to pair with their new coach, I think they would have kept him and got some line help/ weapons. 

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He is 23 and what he cost us was really pretty low if are better next year.  I understand he has been poor so far but what if this guy ends up being good?  He has some talent he just needs some success.  

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1 minute ago, pantherj said:

Our fans are tying to put a positive spin on this because it feels good, so I get it. They put the spin on Teddy as well. It's emotional.

Our fans love to be negative and wrapped in self loathing and misery that they'll take taking a flyer on a young QB for the highest cost being next year's second as a franchise destroying mood.

God forbid someone be happy that the the team is making moves that improve us.

Higher chance he's mediocre over being the next hot thing but like. This isn't going to hurt us.

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