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If Darnold plays poorly next year, we traded what will be a 1st round pick for him.

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I don't think we had to do it, but we still have our first round pick. If Darnold sucks, we'll be picking in the top 10 again. I just didn't want to give up any first round pick. I could've slept well if it were only 1 (2022, swapping 2021's) to move up and take our guy, but a first for Darnold would've been a fireable offense. We'll still get a sure-thing in 2022 (provided we get a legit starting QB this offseason). And, we'll still have a day two pick or two in round 3.

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1 hour ago, bobowilson said:

A late first round pick, but a 1st rounder nonetheless.  

If Darnold is anything like he has been the past few years for the Jets, we'll be a bottom 7 team picking at the top of the 2nd round.

If you add up the other picks we gave up with a high 2nd rounder, it has the same 'draft value' as a late 1st round pick.

So Darnold may end up costing us a late 1st rounder, and a tremendous cap hit in his 5th year.  That is quite the gamble for a quarterback who has played at his level, regardless of his coaching.


I don't agree. Most years teams don't even have a first round grade on 32 prospects. A lot of the times end of the 1st round prospects have 2nd round grades on them. This type of thinking is what creates panic. We don't want panic. 

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3 minutes ago, Santee_Panther said:

The trade value chart shows that a future round pick is worth one round later than current year picks. 

So even if we are the worst team next year, which is highly unlikely, the future second is like a 2020 third round pick.

2020? 🤔

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We aren't gonna know what this looks like until next season. We can have our respective takes and predictions but until he takes the field, it will be an unknown.

We are also not getting a complete picture at the moment. Let's say we draft a QB that ends up beating him out at some point. The trade might not look good but if we find our guy at 8 or another pick in the draft, is anyone really gonna care to gloat about it?

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