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Are You Really Against Fields or Lance if they fall to #8...

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I trust the staff. If one of these guys falls and they don't think he's worth #8 and grab the BPA I'll be happy. I don't pretend to know how to evaluate a player and the guys we have running things right now seem to do. With Hurney there was no trust after the first round. It might as well have been me making those picks. 

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1 minute ago, ForJimmy said:

That makes sense. They don’t want the Jets high on Fields. 

Yes....I mean honestly there is a lot if speculation this time of year. The Jets haven't said any more than the 49ers at this point.

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3 minutes ago, TheProcess said:

Yes....I mean honestly there is a lot if speculation this time of year. The Jets haven't said any more than the 49ers at this point.

Yeah either way they get Fields or Wilson, but I could see them being higher on one than they other. If Mac is the one left standing at 8, I would be happy to trade down. Definitely not sold on him...

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3 minutes ago, ForJimmy said:

Yeah either way they get Fields or Wilson, but I could see them being higher on one than they other. If Mac is the one left standing at 8, I would be happy to trade down. Definitely not sold on him...

I agree, not drafting Mac at 8

Depending who is on the board, I may select or may trade down 

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35 minutes ago, BrianS said:

Exactly.  If our staff think there is a bona fide NFL franchise QB on the board when our pick comes up, you TAKE THE PLAYER.  If we end up with two of them on our roster, FINE, we'll figure it out.

Let's say we draft Fields.  I don't think he starts week one, I think Darnold does.  I think both play extensively in the preseaon.  It also means we are UNLIKELY to pick up the $18 million option on Darnold, meaning he's now in a career year with every motivation to play OUT OF HIS MIND.

Now, suppose Darnold lights it up.  Great.  We've got our franchise QB and the cost was a first and a second.  THAT'S ACCEPTABLE for a franchise QB.  We've also got this guy on our bench who might ALSO turn out great, or at the very least he's a backup better than Teddy / PJ / Beard Guy.  WE WON.

Suppose Darnold is mediocre.  He's probably a better backup than anything we have.  Toward the end of the season Fields comes in and we find out what we've got with him.  Regardless of what Fields does, we've identified a solid backup in Darnold and we are rolling the dice on a top 10 prospect.  ACCEPTABLE AGAIN.

Suppose Darnold is terrible.  Fine.  Fields comes in earlier and we really get to see what we've got there.  Darnold is probably still a low end backup, and we could keep him around as such on a low contract.  We've rolled the dice on a top 10 QB prospect.  ACCEPTABLE OUTCOME.

There is now way drafting a QB at 8, assuming our staff believe in him, can go wrong.  I shouldn't say it that way.  Of course it can go wrong, the guy can fail.  But from the perspective of the franchise, you have to take those sorts of risks and they are just a coin flip. 

There is no version of an NFL roster with too many good QB's on it.  There just isn't.  If you end up with more than one franchise guy, you keep the one you like best and get your draft capital back by trading the other one.

I don't see any other way to look at it.


Yep, I'm pretty much right there with you.

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38 minutes ago, CPcavedweller said:

Devonta Smith or those two? When we just traded for Darnold? And still have Bridgewater and his cap hit? I'd say we are done with QB's for now.

Two gloves will be traded or released, he won't be around. We're not done at QB, we have the cap to take the hit on a June 1st designation if we can't find a partner. 

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If any of the big five guys happens to be missed until the 8th pick, I don't have the slightest problem with taking any of them.

I want Darnold to have a chance to succeed here, but let's face it, we have minimal investment in him AND a desperate need to find a franchise QB right now. If Fields, Lance or Jones falls to 8 (because there's no chance for the other two) then you have to swing for them and get your guy. Then you work both that guy and Darnold into training camp, preseason and onwards. Watch the development... go with the one who gives us the best chance to win, now and long term. 

Having a rehabbed Darnold and say a top-level performing Jones at the end of next season could be a big deal. If we sign the fifth year option on Darnold, and he is really good then we can either run with him or put him out there as a trade to someone in need. Same goes for the other guy. 

Both New England and Green Bay have had some serious success going this route with a top QB on the field and a first rate understudy waiting in the wings. Either the understudy takes over or goes to a needy team with some serious trade value.

If those guys are all gone (and there is a chance they are) then you go right to OT and grab Slater or Sewell. No questions, no delays, no getting fancy and trying to trade back.


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Fields, Lance, Sewell are sitting there at 8.

I'm either trading back 1 spot and taking Sewell.  Taking Sewell.  Or possibly pulling the trigger on Fields.

I'm not interested in Lance, I'm lower than most on Fields, I'm really really wanting a top tier O Line.



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40 minutes ago, The Huddler said:

Im happy we got Darnold, but it seems to me we put the backup plan in place before we truly got desperate after the draft. I don't think we are counting on them to be there at 8, but will gladly take them if they are there. 


Thats why we are waiting on Darnold's 5th year option

Common sense does exist, this ^^^^ this right here ^^^^. There is NO REASON to be sold on Darnold as OUR and here is the simple logic -- New York LET HIM GO!!!

Common Reasons Why:

1) Well Adam Gase held him back, ok well Adam Gase is gone so what's the excuse in NY now?

2) Well we get Zach Wilson on a rookie deal, ok well Darnold only costs 4M in 2021, and has an option at just 18.5M IF you activate the option. So you could sell the pick and have a ton of cap to BUILD around Darnold IF they thought he was the guy even at the 5th year option price which would put him in the bottom two thirds or half of QB salaries. 

All I'm saying is IF he was worth believing in as a franchise guy NYJ wouldn't have let him go so cheaply, I'm not sorry it is what it is. To me he's an ARM talent upgrade over TB who's willing to throw down field. But I am nowhere near sold on him as answer. He's a bandaid until proven otherwise. 

It's why you take the QB if they're there, Darnold can start and play knowing in order to get paid here or elsewhere he has to ball out. That keeps us off of the hook for his salary while a Fields or Lance gets to learn the NFL ropes -- odds are we're around .500 ish with Darnold which means we'll still be in position to improve the OL in the 2022 draft or in FA if we're unable to do so this year. 

There is no reason to think at the 8th spot in Rd 2 we won't be able to upgrade the LT position, and I don't hate -- Erving / Little / Scott, but would like to see it improved none the less, Okung is out there as well as Eric Fisher as well. We have plenty of options at LT via the draft and after. 

To me it's one of these guys if they fall then SeWell if available, if all three are gone I'm looking at the board and I'm willing to trade back at that point. 


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44 minutes ago, Panthera onca said:

Seems like San Fran may have their eyes on Fields now. The Mac talk may have been an elaborate smokescreen.

No need for a smoke screen they have the #3 pick, and for all accounts #1 and #2 are locked in. Fields isn't going #2. 

The Wilson love / hype  is too real, right now Fields is being drug through the mud similar to how Cam was, and Lance coming from a smaller school / less competition you're not really hearing too much about him. 

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