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Verge's 2021 Mock Draft


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54 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

Matt Ryan was kind of the opposite story as a prospect. Jones has been surrounded by the finest supporting cast in college football. Matt Ryan pretty much single handedly made those BC teams relevant. His supporting cast sucked.

He also wears braided belts...

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11 minutes ago, Peppers90 NC said:

TB totally regrets drafting White #5

White was a considerably better prospect than Parsons. "Generational" prospects are of course the exception to this rule. Players like Quenton Nelson, Luke Kuechly, and in this draft, Kyle Pitts. They all play positions that are far from the most important, but when they have generational abilities the picks become justifiable. Parsons just isn't that good, and considering he abused/molested his teammates I just don't know why we'd want any part of him.

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4 hours ago, Khyber53 said:

If you have a win it now team with everything in place (which San Francisco does) he's  the surest bet.

Good point.

No QB (not counting unicorns like Cam Newton) is going to be "good" without a solid OL in front of him and Jones might suffer from that detriment more than others like Fields and Lance.  But, like you point out, as a plug-and-play for a reasonably complete team?  Solid choice.

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20 minutes ago, *FreeFua* said:

I really can’t envision Sewell falling to 8 soooooo

Even if he somehow managed to drop to 7, the Lions will take him or the Chargers will trade up to grab him

Sewell is my favorite, but he isn't the only first round lineman.

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1 hour ago, Shocker said:

If we do go OT round 1 I like the idea of continuing to build the defense.  We need a CB, ILB and safety at minimum IMO.  Maybe a DT.  

DT? I’ve heard all week that this is the weakest DL class in years. Hard pass on DL. We’ve also used our last two first round picks on the defensive line. No linebacker or safety in this draft is worth picking at 8 either. It’s gotta be OT, CB, or trade back. 

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