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Tryin’ to make a roster out of Fitty cents (A Horn and a tackle)

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Finally a sign that we are on the road to redemption, the crapologist has returned and now I know that SCP is FIT to tied.

I liked this draft, if we grade to what we needed and not just making a big splash, it an A+. 

Thanks SCP and welcome back home.

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I've followed you on Twitter for years @SCP watching you struggle with the Twitter rules.

Welcome back to where you can let it all out (pun intended). Glad you're here! Stay awhile!

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    • Reported that Bean requested a trade after he wasn't selected by the Kraken.  He wants more playing time... I am not as torn about this trade as I am Ned - I don't think Bean was ever going to be that good honestly.  I may have to eat my words, but he looked like an AHL lifer at the end of the "regular" season and playoffs.  Rod had no trust in him at all!
    • Sometimes you just argue to argue. Here’s my counterpoints: 1. We’ll duh, we should keep our options open. That has nothing to do with what we are saying in this case. If you truly can’t say which player would help us win enough games to be a contender then we are correct that we shouldn’t waste money and you are just throwing out a generic statement that’s not helpful. 2. I was 100% correct, regardless of you trying to act like we can’t make educated guesses because who knows what will happen. We’d have Moton extended with that $70M and have all the cap room we have for the next 3 years and not have to spend a dime of it on Moton. We’d also have another 3rd round pick for Bradberry and likely would have had the 3rd pick and maybe an extra 1st/3rd from SF. 3. Feel free to point out what I proposed that was wrong without doing what I mention below, moving the goal posts. I don’t know if you weren’t around but I laid out my 2020 off-season plan in multiple threads. If you want to look it up, it shouldn’t be hard to find. @LinvilleGorge Feel free to back me up here that none of what I’m saying about wanting to save all the cap and comp picks in 2020 is hindsight. Heck, people even got tired of me saying I told you so about Short last year. 4. It is fuging laughable man that you are trying to compare paying a 30+ year old Short, who missed 13 games in 2019 and wasn’t a long term option, to extending DJ and Burns. Yes, technically speaking they could get hurt but it’s was way more likely that Short in 2020 would continue his mediocre play and get hurt. He did both and we wasted $13M just like I shouted from the rooftop that we would. Still, that has nothing to do with wanting to extend young talent players instead of wasting money on guys like Short. 4. SMH, KC paid a lot of money for Clark and Mathieu. TB paid a lot of money for Brady. They were their marquee FA acquisitions where they paid a lot of money. KC just did it again trading for and paying Brown. That’s what I was talking about. Save the cap now so when we can compete we can after a big time FA instead of wasting money on players sitting on the couch in July. By the way, what do Fournette and Erving have to do with what I said? Erving was a backup for KC, they didn’t spend a lot on him. In case you forgot, Erik Fisher was KC’s starting LT. Erving only played because Fisher got hurt, but still he’s not remotely relevant to KC splurging on Mathieu and Clark to be starters. Also, a lot of people put Tampa as a contender when they got Brady (and Gronk). Go look at our 7-8-1 2014 season and you’ll see a lot of similarities to Tampa’s 2019. Tampa was 5-1 in the second half before losing their last two by 3 and in OT. In those two games, they turned the ball over 8 times. Winston was the difference between them being in the playoffs and being 7-9. Brady came in and made them better at their biggest weak spot. It’s easy to just say players can get injured and anything could happen and there’s no way to be sure, but that’s a cop out. Sure, all options should be looked at but take a chance and predict stuff. I’m more than willing to say that there’s no one on the couch today that can help our rebuild and is worth making it harder to keep our core of Burns, DJ, Brown and Chinn. Feel free again to tell us who we should sign if you are asking me my opinion because I have already stated mine a lot.
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